Fortnite 16.10 Update patch notes: Raptors & Primal Shotgun nerf

Matt Porter
Raptors in Fortnite Season 6

The first major patch of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 is here, with the v16.10 update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch adding Raptors to the island.

Fortnite’s Season 6 update introduced some major changes to the game, with new map locations, the ability to craft weapons using materials, and adding wildlife to the island in the form of tameable wolves and boars.

In the first patch of the new season, Epic Games teased that a dangerous beast was set to join the fray in the coming weeks, and the release of the 16.10 update has acted on that promise. Raptors are now roaming the island, ready to deal some huge damage to anyone who gets too close.

On top of that, Epic Games also included some crafting and loot adjustments, while also making some important weapon balance changes that should make the Primal Shotgun less powerful. Check out the full Fortnite v16.10 patch notes below.

Fortnite v16.10 update patch notes

Raptors roam Fortnite’s island

The headline addition in Fortnite Season 6 is the arrival of Raptors, who have hatched from their eggs and are now running amok across the island. Made famous in 1993’s Jurassic Park, these beasts are perfect for Season 6’s Primal theme, with Epic labeling them as “apex predators.”

Raptors will chase down and eliminate players should you get too close to them, but you’ll be able to tame them like boars and wolves and use them to your advantage.

Primal Shotgun nerf & weapon balancing changes

Fortnite Primal Shotgun

The Primal Shotgun has been one of the most powerful and controversial weapons in Fortnite Season 6, but just two weeks after its debut it’s getting a pretty significant nerf.

Epic Games have identified its fire rate as an issue, reducing it to try and make it less powerful. This means the delay between shots is slightly longer, which the developers hope will be enough to stop it from being the incredible killing machine it has been so far.

On top of that, Epic have made some adjustments to crafting and loot, while the Makeshift Shotgun has also been changed. You can view the full list of balance updates below.

  • Crafting & loot adjustments
  • Creative Powerups now support Team, Class, and All combinations
  • Primal Shotgun fire rate reduced
  • Makeshift Shotgun gets v16.10 adjustments
  • Crafting material costs now scale with Makeshift rarity
  • Animal Bones, Mechanical Parts added to floor loot

Fortnite Spring Breakout event

Fortnite Springbreak

Fortnite fans have a special Easter-themed event to enjoy over the next few weeks, with new skins, a Duos competition, and brand-new weapons all included.

The Spring Breakout event kicks off on Tuesday, March 30, with the Egg Launcher set to make its return as part of the Easter-themed extravaganza.

Fortnite 16.10 bug fixes

As always, Epic Games are dropping some fixes for bugs and glitches that have been affecting the game since the Season 6 launch.

The developers note every fix coming in this update on their official Trello board, and while there aren’t many in this specific patch, they have addressed a frustrating issue with the Shark Island anomaly, and a problem that was making it difficult to see inside the Storm.


  • Cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.

Battle Royale

  • Anomaly may not appear on Shark Island.
  • Chapter 2 Season 5 Legacies missing.
  • Visibility is extremely decreased when inside the Storm.
  • Opening the inventory will cancel Tap to Search/Interact/Revive actions.
  • Character Quests not counting for progression.
  • Stackable items are not split when Shift-Dragged.


  • Slow-motion effect.
  • AI can get stuck in obstacles.
  • Player portal appears as “Creative Don’t Fill.”

Image Credit: Epic Games