Crisis Core FF7 Reunion: How to get Shinra Manor Safe combination

Joaquín Frere
Zack Fair in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion.

Crisis Core Reunion is the remake of Square Enix’s 2007 PSP Action RPG, and with new graphics and gameplay, Zack’s adventure feels more fresh than ever. When you arrive at Nibelheim, you will find a Safe that needs a specific combination, and here’s how to get it.

Zack Fair was the main character in Crisis Core back in 2007 when the PSP Action RPG came out under Hajime Tabata’s command. The FF7 Compilation for the 10th anniversary of the original PS1 title, brought Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus (PS2), and the Advent Children movie.

Back in 2022, Square Enix released a remake for Crisis Core on all modern consoles, introducing Cloud’s old partner Zack to the world before FF7 Rebirth. During his quest, Zack ends up in Nibelheim, Cloud’s hometown, and finds a safe inside a fan-favorite spot.

So, here’s how to get the Shinra Manor Safe combination during the Nibelheim events of Crisis Core FF7 Reunion.

How to open Shinra Manor Safe in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion

To open the Shinra Manor Safe in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion during the Nibelheim section, Zack must obtain the randomly generated password by looking through the keyholes scattered around the mansion.

The keyhole locations, as well as the order in which each number must be entered into the Safe’s lock, can be found in the following image:

Crisis Core FF7 Reunion Shinra Manor Safe combination.
Zack must peep through 4 keyholes and enter the given numbers in the correct order.

Each keyhole will show the following clues, which must be followed and counted as instructed in the Safe’s note, and it’s random every time:

  • Digit 1 is the number of books that are not on the shelves, including the ones on top of it, but not inside.
  • Digit 2 can be found by counting the number of monsters you’ll see dancing around.
  • Digit 3 is the number of purple Banora Apples seen from the keyhole.
  • Digit 4 is the number of chairs you’ll see in the room.

Crisis Core FF7 Reunion: Shinra Manor safe rewards

By getting the combination for Shinra Manor’s Safe in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion, Zack will be able to open it and obtain a Vital Slash Materia. This powerful Command skill will allow Zack to deal 100% accurate Critical Hits to enemies, and it costs 6 AP.

This is one of the best Materia to equip Zack with, as it will ensure high-damage melee outputs to the end-game bosses. Combine this with high-level Magic Materia and you will be unstoppable against Genesis and his clones.

And that was everything you needed to know about the Shinra Manor Safe in Nibelheim! For more on all things Final Fantasy, including FF7 Rebirth, check out the rest of our content:

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