Madden 24 players furious after “insulting” reveal of Season 4 rewards

Franco Diaz
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Just before EA Sports officially launched Madden 24 Season 4, the devs unveiled the rewards for the new Field Pass, and the community didn’t take long to criticize them. Here’s what they’ve said about it.

Season changes in Madden 24, as well as in many other sports games like EA FC 24 or NBA 2K24, are eagerly anticipated by fans. After one or two months of playing for the same seasonal rewards, developers add fresh content with new live events and rewards.

As per tradition in Madden 24, the developers revealed the rewards that players can claim as they level up the Madden 24 Field Pass one day before the Season 4 launch. However, the community’s response was far from positive.

Many users agree that these rewards are “insulting.” User ‘HornsOfAbraxas’ was the first to raise concerns, stating, “This is bad. All those gold players packs, max fantasy packs, and playmaker packs are insulting.”

Many were surprised to find that, even in Season 4 of the game, they are still receiving gold players (up to 86 OVR) as rewards when TOTW players have already reached an average of 95 OVR. Another user was sarcastic and commented, “Grind out a whole season for a pack with a couple 86s and high 70s.”

Finally, another player criticized the developers for what seems like a disorder in the rewards: “So the level 50 reward is a 96 overall MLB, and then the level 55 reward is a 94. Makes perfect sense. That’ll be a really valuable reward in late February when we’re getting 97s and 98s.”

Once again, Madden 24 players have been dissatisfied with the new season rewards. The truth is that the season has only begun, and fan enthusiasm may shift with the upcoming live events.

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