All new EA FC 24 Matchday features

Liverpool's locker room in EA FC 24EA Sports

The EA Sports development team has unveiled and explained each of the new features coming to EA FC 24 Matchday. If you’re still unsure about what these features are, here’s a comprehensive guide with all the details you need to know about the Matchday experience in EA FC 24.

August will be the month of major announcements related to EA FC 24. The developers have already revealed all the details about the classic Career Mode for EA FC 24, and soon we will have more information about Ultimate Team, as well as Pro Clubs.

However, EA Sports have taken the initiative to unveil all the details of the Matchday experience. During the broadcast, they explained each of the new features that will be introduced both before and during matchdays in EA FC 24.

If you’re still unsure about what it entails, here’s a breakdown of all the new EA FC 24 Matchday features.

Borussia Dortmund Moukoko in EA Sports FC 24EA Sports
The EA FC 24 Matchday experience promise to be one of the most immersive gameplay ever.

EA FC 24 Matchday: All features explained

The livestream took place on the EA FC 24 YouTube channel, where they detailed each of the new features and changes that the Matchday experience in EA FC 24 will undergo, thanks to the implementation of the latest Frostbite technology. They also introduced new details such as overlays, cameras, and menus.

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New SAPIEN technology arrives on EA FC 24

The first major feature revealed by the devs is the new player models in EA FC 24. Thanks to the latest SAPIEN technology update, the developers bring an even more realistic version of how players look and move on the field in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 revamped the Cloth System

The next thing they showcased in the livestream was the incredible enhancement of details that will be applied to the cloth system. The developers emphasize that now it’s more realistic how clothing deforms and wrinkles according to the movements made by players, such as volleys, jumps, tackles, and celebrations.

Improved cloth system in EA FC 24EA Sports
The cloth system will have a big improvement in EA FC 24.

Lighting features come in EA FC 24

EA Sports showcased the improvements in lighting to EA FC 24 made possible by the new Frostbite technology. As noted by Senior Art Director, Fab Muoio, thanks to the Lightning feature, players will now notice better contrasts in EA FC 24, making the gaming experience even more immersive.

HyperMotion V Overlays in EA FC 24 Matchdays

One of the new features that we will frequently see during matches is the HyperMotion V Overlays. These will appear constantly when the ball is not in play. Depending on the area of the field where you are, you’ll be able to see traditional statistics such as shots on goal and possession.

However, the devs also revealed that these overlays will display new HyperMotion V details such as which players are fatigued or precise data on certain shots and goalkeeper reactions.

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New HyperMotion V Overlays in EA FC 24EA Sports
In addition to traditional stats, the new overlays will feature fatigued players and goalkeeper reactions.

EA FC 24 Matchday intros & menus

With great fanfare, EA Sports have announced the implementation of new cinematics in the Matchday intros, as well as a new Menu before, at halftime, and at the end of each match that will take every player to the tunnels where their team takes or leaves the field.

In these menus, players can make last-minute adjustments to their lineup, as well as access match statistics, and review which player is underperforming in order to make a substitution.

New halftime menu in EA FC 24EA Sports
That’s what a halftime menu looks like in EA FC 24.

New EA FC 24 Gameplay cameras

Toward the end of the broadcast, the devs unveiled two new gameplay cameras. As they have mentioned, the first one is an angle camera inspired by one of the most popular cameras in the community. However, they haven’t revealed its name or the details behind this new angle of view.

As for the second camera, it’s simply the referee’s point of view when calling a foul, issuing cards, or setting up the wall for a free kick. While it might be something simple, EA Sports assure that this will make players feel even more immersed in the game.

Referee POV in EA FC 24EA Sports
The referee’s point of view aims to improve the immersive experience in EA FC 24.

So now you know, that’s all about the new features of EA FC 24 Matchday. If you want to learn more about EA FC 24, we suggest checking out our other related guides:

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