Diablo 4 players fear forced group play could kill Vessel of Hatred

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 new Dungeon

The Diablo 4 devs have already revealed some massive features regarding the upcoming Vessel of Hatred DLC, and one of them is quite concerning for players.

Diablo 4 has been doing well recently with Season 4 becoming the most successful update of all time, thanks to its record-breaking player count, and the new Vessel of Hatred trailer dropping. Alongside the release date, the developers also revealed some new information and features for the upcoming expansion.

The most noticeable one among them is the addition of group play where players have to team up and take on the challenges of a Dungeon. This heavily resembles MMO raids and group activities from other titles of this genre, and D4 players are worried about it.

Reddit user ‘Angren1991’ started the discussion in the Diablo 4 subreddit, and asked for the opinion of others in the community. However, the OP also added that they were not a fan of “forced group play in an ARPG” and would like a solo option as well.

For context, Vessel of Hatred will bring a massive Dungeon with difficult challenges and rewards and will require players to team up with others to take them on. On paper, this sounds exactly like raids from Destiny 2 and other MMOs, but Blizzard haven’t confirmed the exact name of the game mode yet.

Diablo 4 Spiritborn
Alongside a new class, Vessel of Hatred will have new game modes as well.

“Hope they add an LFR or this mode is doomed,” said a worried player while others followed up on the importance of the LFR (Looking For Raid) feature in such modes by saying that they find it “concerning” that Blizzard haven’t included this feature in the expansion advertisements.

Group finder has always been one of the major requests regarding Diablo 4‘s multiplayer but Blizzard are yet to include such a feature. With the new raid-like game mode coming in the upcoming expansion, many feel that it’s time that the feature is added.

“These things always sound good on paper but turn to s**t,” mentioned another player as they were quite sure that the raid mode would fail to succeed. Some even called it beforehand that the “game mode is dead” if there’s no LFR or a group finder in Diablo 4 for raids.

Blizzard will soon be organizing a new Campfire Chat to discuss the upcoming expansion so it’ll be interesting to see how the devs go ahead with this feature and what it’s all about. In the meantime, it’s time to continue your seasonal journey with our best BarbarianDruid, and Necromancer builds.