Diablo 4 players discover iconic Diablo 3 locations

Joseph Pascoulis
hidden camp overlook in diablo 4Blizzard

Diablo 4 players have stumbled across areas in the game that some may remember from Diablo 3, creating a strong sense of nostalgia and love for the game’s detail in continuity between the titles.

Diablo 4 has become Blizzard’s fastest-selling title of all time, and as players sink their teeth into the mountain of content, new details are found each day.

While Diablo 4 has introduced a lot of new players to the franchise, many veterans of the series have returned, eagerly awaiting to see what happens in the campaign which is said to begin where Diablo 3 left off.

For these players, the continuation of the story is both captivating and rewarding, as after such as long wait, Diablo 4 seems to answer questions and provide a follow-up that players had been wanting.

Further, some players have even noticed that Diablo 4 actually features some of the iconic areas from Diablo 3, sharing their findings on Reddit.

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User james_bono put a post in the Diablo subreddit with an imgur link that shows side-by-side comparisons of Diablo 3 locations that exist in Diablo 4. The user presented areas in Diablo 3 that are in Diablo 4 such as “Blacksmith Hidden camp, Hidden camp overlook, Hidden camp waypoint, and Witch lair Alcarnus.”

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This post led to many in the community also sharing locations from Diablo 3 that they have found in Diablo 4, as one user said, “I just came across that whole area where you fight Maghda. its a stronghold in the act 3/4 area,” while another claimed that “the entire Act 2 from D3 is in (Diablo 4).”

Players are clearly appreciative of the work and detail the devs put into Diablo 4, as one comment said “it is really cool to see continuity between series timeline that D4 is happening after D3.”

Discovering all of these areas also got players excited for future Diablo 4 content, as one player believes that “as Diablo 4 expands,” players may even get to see a “return to the original continent.”

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with future Diablo content, but for now, check out our guide on Diablo 4 DLC and which class is best for you in Diablo 4.

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