Diablo 4 players claim frustrating Aspect system is “killing the game”

Hamza Khalid
Diablo 4 Bladedancers

Diablo 4 features a wide variety of mechanics meant to make your gameplay experience more fun, but fans are complaining that the in-game Aspect system is so bad that it’s effectively “killing the game.”

In Diablo 4, you’ll face off against dangerous adversaries, including powerful bosses, and you’ll need to make sure that your armor is upgraded while your gear is in working condition. This is where the game’s Aspect system comes in.

Aspects are items that you can attach to your gear, granting Legendary rarity and traits to rare or greater items. While this sounds useful, Diablo 4 players feel that the Aspect system is actually proving to be a hindrance.

Reddit user ‘Lazypole’ highlighted this issue in the Diablo subreddit, claiming that the Aspect system is “killing the game.” They explained that it’s difficult to keep track of exactly which Aspects you have in storage when you get gear upgrades, and this is made worse by them all looking the same.

They also find it frustrating when they receive a Legendary Aspect and have to run across town in order to put it in storage so that they don’t forget or lose it. Lazypole then added that getting gear upgrades but no Aspect means letting it gather dust.

The Redditor stated: “I just wish there was a higher difficulty Aspect that you could store in a unique UI and rip off gear/reapply repeatedly. F**k it. Make them rarer and NM50+. I don’t care, just please save me from this hell.”

Many other players shared the Redditor’s sentiment in the comments of this thread, with one user explaining: “I also agree 100%. All Aspects should go into the Codex, and aspects as an item type should just go away entirely.”

The same user then added that the Aspect system “makes the game less fun.” Many were also on board with the Redditor’s suggested changes, and another player explained that this solution “even solves the aspects taking up inventory space problem.”

Lazypole’s requested change was compared to how gear was handled in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. One commenter stated: “The Division 2 really nailed that. It was actually fun finding gear with stats that were better and constantly improving the talents.”

As a result, quite a few players in the thread requested that the Diablo 4 developers take inspiration from that game. It remains to be seen if the team will respond by integrating aspects of that title into Diablo 4.

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