Diablo 4 Pit rewards “punish” you for playing with friends

Amitesh Dhar
The Artificer's Pit portal in Diablo 4

The Artificer’s Pit in Diablo 4 is the only place where you can farm Masterworking materials, but if you’re in a party, not everyone will receive equal rewards for completing the different tiers in the activity.

The idea is that whoever opens the portal to the Pit will receive more rewards because they’re the ones spending the Runeshards, while the others receive 50% fewer rewards. However, in doing so, players feel that the developers have removed the incentive of playing as a group.

A similar situation occurs during the Accursed Ritual public event Helltides, where the one using the Baneful Hearts at the ritual site gets the most rewards. But unlike the Pit, the Accursed Ritual event does not take a lot of time to complete and gives everyone a fair chance at using the summoning materials.

Player darknuggies4 took to Reddit to share their frustration about this reward structure and said that it was really inefficient to play with a friend.

Others rallied behind the OP’a claims and shared their opinions about it, with a player exclaiming, “Multiplayer should not be punished.”

Another player suggested a possible rework by saying, “Maybe just make us all pay the 3 runes. I mean we got thousands each.” Runeshards, the currency that is required to access the Artificer’s Pit, drops from various activities, so most players have a lot of them.

A different player added, “We’ve still got the need to be in a group in boss runs like Duriel while at the same time having a pretty strong incentive to not be in groups while doing content we’re all supposed to farm for upgrades.”

Diablo 4 currently has different currencies that serve different purposes, with new currencies being added each season. Players feel that the developers will soon have to introduce a currency rework to prevent them from becoming difficult to manage a few seasons down the line.

With the Season 5 PTR currently underway, a lot of changes are coming in the new season including a brand-new questline in the Eternal Realm along with a roguelike activity called Infernal Hordes.