Diablo 4 Masterworking trick you probably didn’t know makes re-tempering a breeze

Amitesh Dhar
Diablo 4 blacksmith

Masterworking is an important aspect of leveling up your gear in Diablo 4 and here’s a tip that could help you save a lot of resources while min-maxing your stats on your gear.

In Diablo 4, as you make your way to the endgame stages, min-maxing the stats on your gear becomes very important, because it allows you to squeeze out that last bit of damage or max health that you can get.

There’s a common notion that it’s always important to enchant gear before Masterworking it because it was believed that enchanting after Masterworking would cause you to lose the stat bonus that you have.

However, as mentioned by flowqwi on Reddit, that isn’t the case. You won’t lose the Masterworking bonus if you enchant an item after you’ve Masterworked it in Diablo 4.

Rather than applying the buff to the Affix in Diablo 4, the developers coded it in such a way that the buff would be applied to the slot instead. This causes you to receive the Masterworking buff on the Affix that you have in that slot, irrespective of what the Affix might be.

A player responded to this post and said, “Yea that was a smart move by Blizz.” While another said, “Thanks OP I didn’t know that, this is helpful.”

The idea behind this is simple. You take a piece of gear with the perfect rolls, but a useless Affix and Masterwork it. Later on, you can spend gold to swap out the Affix with the one that you need. This will help you save hours on hunting down the perfect gear for your build.

However, this only applies to the items that you’ve Masterworked. If you have a piece of gear with a Greater Affix and you end up tempering that, you’ll lose the Greater Affix on it permanently.

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