Iconic Diablo 4 build clears The Pit in seconds thanks to surprising skill

Emily Stander
Barbarian in Diablo 4

The Pit has become one of the most important farming locations in Diablo 4, and despite players being concerned about how difficult it can be, many have also come up with creative ways to get through it and defeat the bosses quickly. 

Barbarians are still among the strongest classes. Even though they’ve seen some nerfs along the way, they still have some of the best builds for taking down bosses and AoE damage.

Whirlwind Barbarian is one of the most iconic builds across Diablo titles. It’s got a simple playstyle, and with the right Tempering, you can get huge Whirlwinds.

Patch 1.4.3 also introduced some updates to Whirlwind which help spawn tornadoes and mow down demons even faster. Overall, the build is fun and a great choice for screen clearing. One player even shared the insane potential the build has for clearing The Pit.

‘StickyPine207’ showcased their build on Reddit, and while many players were unsurprised to see this kind of insane damage coming from a Whirlwind Barb build, others were unsure how it was possible at all. So, they shared a “Couple things that are CRITICAL to boss damage.”

  • Spam Whirlwind instead of holding it. 
  • Pre-cast Wrath of the Berserker and spend at least 200 Fury walking from the door to the boss.
  • When you’re on the boss, immediately hit all three Shouts. 
  • When bleed has fully overtaken the boss’s health bar, use Rupture.

Make sure you are spamming Whirlwinds and Shouts to get the bleed bar over the boss’s health bar. You’ll know it’s full when the health bar color has changed to a more translucent, darker color.  

The OP uses Rupture on this build just for boss damage, which is an interesting choice given that it’s not usually what’s recommended. As we can see, though, it’s something that works, so it’s worth giving it a try. 

This is the kind of build that can make grinding quicker, but you should also check out this Transmutation trick that has the same effect. It’s best to get this right now, especially since a new Infernal Hordes endgame should be coming in Season 5.