Bugged Diablo 4 Pets are unintentionally breaking builds

Emily Stander
Necromancer summoning skeletons in Diablo 4

The new Diablo 4 Pets are supposed to follow you around as a companion who picks up loot, but players have noticed that they’re completely breaking Necromancer builds.

You can get the new Diablo 4 pets either by preordering Vessel of Hatred or claiming one for free through a quest in-game. However, Necromancer players who have done either have noticed that their new friend is breaking everything. 

Specifically, the issue is coming in because Pets are being considered as Minions. It’s a double-edged sword because the pet is serving as a buff for players who run minion builds and acts as a significant nerf for players who run non-minion builds. 

In good news, for minion build Necromancers the Pet gives you an extra Blood Surge explosion if you’re using the Deathspeaker’s Pendant, and gives you more attack speed when you’re using Kalan’s Edict. Considering that Pets are immortal, this ends up being quite a significant buff.

Pet menu in the Diablo 4 Wardrobe
Your new furry friend may be breaking your Necromancer build.

On the other hand, the Pet negates any bonus from the Sacrificial Paragon Glyph and you lose damage reduction when using the Stand Alone passive. 

Depending on what kind of build you’re using, this could either be good news or bad news. Either way, players are calling for a fix because it’s overall making already intricately put-together builds difficult to manage. 

“I find stuff like this crazy because you’d think the very first thing they’d do is make sure pets don’t count as minions. Like, this is such a step 1 thing that it’s hard to comprehend how it gets missed,” ‘fitsu’ commented on Reddit.

Diablo 4 devs have not yet commented on whether or not this was intentional, but we will be sure to keep you updated on any changes that come in future updates. 

If you want to get a Pet in the meantime, be sure to check out how you can do it. Otherwise, you can also keep up-to-date with all the other preorder bonuses you can get with Vessel of Hatred.

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