Diablo 4: Nightmare Dungeon rotation in Season 4

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn has introduced a new list of Nightmare Dungeons that you can focus on to level up your endgame characters. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 are the best way for players to put their builds to the test, gain XP fast, and get hefty rewards that include Legendary Items and glyphs. Each season comes with a new rotation, which means that there are only very specific locations you can visit to enter a Nightmare Dungeon.

Here’s what you need to know about Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4, including Season 4: Loot Reborn Nightmare Dungeon rotation.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Nightmare Dungeon rotation list

Blizzard have confirmed which Nightmare Dungeons will be available in Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn. Here’s a list of all Nightmare Dungeons and where you can find them in Diablo 4.

DungeonWorld TierRegionLocation
Light’s WatchWorld Tier IIIFractured PeaksSoutheast of Kyovashad
ZenithWorld Tier IIIFractured PeaksNortheast of Seat of the Heavens
Belfry ZakaraWorld Tier IIIHawezarRotspill Delta, east of Zarbinzet
Earthen WoundWorld Tier IIIHawezarSouthwest of Umir Plateu
Faceless ShrineWorld Tier IIIHawezarMahunter’s Hollow part of Forsaken Coast
Light’s RefugeWorld Tier IIIHawezarIn the Dismal Foothills near Zarbinzet
Forgotten RuinsWorld Tier IIIKehjistanIn the Forgotten Ruins
Renegade’s RetreatWorld Tier IIIKehjistanIn Caldeum
Sepulcher Of the ForswornWorld Tier IIIKehjistanIn Altar of Ruin
Tomb of the SaintsWorld Tier IIIKehjistanIn Amber Sands
Garan HoldWorld Tier IIIScosglenIn Strand
Jalal’s VigilWorld Tier IIIScosglenIn Shrouded Moors
Sarat’s LairWorld Tier IIIScosglenIn The Downs
Betrayers RowWorld Tier IIIDry SteppesIn The Accursed Wastes
Champions DemiseWorld Tier IIIDry SteppesIn Untamed Scarps
Shifting CityWorld Tier IIIDry SteppesIn Qara Yisu
Dead Man’s DredgeWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn Gale Valley
Forbidden CityWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn Sarkova Pass
Hallowed OssuaryWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn the northeastern part of Frigid Expanse
Kor Dragan BarracksWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn the northwest part of Sarkova Pass
Mercy’s ReachWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn Sarkova Pass
Rimescar CavernWorld Tier IVKyovashadIn Malnok
Tormented RuinsWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksIn the Desolate Highlands
Sanguine ChapelWorld Tier IVFractured PeaksEast of Kyovashad
Akkhan’s GraspWorld Tier IVHawezarEast of Zarbinzet
Bastion of FaithWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Umir Plateau
Blind BurrowsWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Fethis Wetlands
Endless GateWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Umir Plateau
Fetid MausoleumWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Writhing Mire
Ghoa RuinsWorld Tier IVHawezarIn the southeastern part of Toxic Fens
Heathens KeepWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Dismal Foothills
Leviathan’s MawWorld Tier IVHawezarIn the Toxic Fens
Maugan’s WorksWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Fethis Wetlands
Serpents LairWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Blightmarsh, east of Zarbinzet
Steadfast BarracksWorld Tier IVHawezarIn Ruins of Rahat Keep
Collapsed VaultWorld Tier IVKehjistanEast part of Amber Sands
ConclaveWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn the Northern part of Southern Expanse
Crusaders CathedralWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Caldeum
Deserted UnderpassWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn the eastern part of the Southern Expanse
InfernoWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Amber Sands
Prison of CaldeumWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Caldeum
Renegades RetreatWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Caldeum
Shivta RuinsWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Amber Sands
Sirocco CavernsWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn the northwestern part of Scouring Sands
Uldur’s CaveWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn the Ragged Coastline
Yshari SanctumWorld Tier IVKehjistanIn Caldeum
AldurwoodWorld Tier IVScosglenIn Shrouded Moors
Broken BulwarkWorld Tier IVScosglenIn Westering Lowlands
Flooded DepthsWorld Tier IVScosglenIn the Hope’s Light region
Howling WarrenWorld Tier IVScosglenNorthwest of Cerrigar
Lubans RestWorld Tier IVScosglenNortheast of Cerrigar
Mariners RefugeWorld Tier IVScosglenIn the northern part of Strand
OldstonesWorld Tier IVScosglenSoutheast of Cerrigar
UnderrootWorld Tier IVScosglenIn the Tur Dulra near the western coast
Vault of The ForsakenWorld Tier IVScosglenIn Wailing Hills
Wretched DelveWorld Tier IVScosglenWest of Cerrigar
Betrayer’s RowWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn the southwest of Hidden Outlook waypoint
Bloodsoaked CragWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn Untamed Scarps
Buried HallsWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn Jakha Basin
Carrion FieldsWorld Tier IVDry SteppesSouthwest of Ked Bardu
Charnel HouseWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn the south-west of Untamed Scarps
Guulrahn CanalsWorld Tier IVDry SteppesSoutheast of Ked Bardu
Komdor TempleWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn Ked Bardu
Path of the BlindWorld Tier IVDry SteppesIn Khargai Crags
Whispering VaultWorld Tier IVDry SteppesSoutheast of Ked Bardu

Diablo 4: Dungeon vs Nightmare Dungeon

There are lots of ways you’ll be able to level up and find precious items in Diablo 4, but the fastest way to do so after reaching Level 50 is by focusing on Nightmare Dungeons.

You’ll find that Dungeons in Sanctuary act like a side activity or are even part of chain quests during the main campaign. However, Nightmare Dungeons become available after you’ve completed the main campaign, and you’ll able to play in World Tier 3.

Nightmare Dungeons will also provide you with Sacred Legendary Items (in World Tier 3), Ancestral Legendary Items (in World Tier 4), and Unique Items. Its difficulty is increased in each Tier, and you’ll get harder enemies to defeat in order to swipe the location completely.

How to start a Nightmare Dungeon in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, you’ll need to complete the entire main quest and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in World Tier II to unlock Nightmare Sigil crafting. This will allow you to craft Sacred and Ancestral Sigils, which will let you enter the Nightmare version of a Dungeon.

Keep in mind that not all Dungeons can be turned into Nightmare Dungeons, and each season refreshes the list of locations where you can use a Nightmare Sigil.

And that’s everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons rotation in Season 4: Loot Reborn. For more on Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check our guides below:

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