Diablo 4: Item Power Breakpoints explained

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4 is a vital stat if you want to invest your resources into the best equipment and gear. Here’s everything to know about Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4 Season 3, including the meaning of the stat and how to upgrade the best gear.

Diablo 4 has a massive open world that grants amazing loot, such as Ancestral items, depending on your World Tier. Most players choose to find rare gear through loot even though the game allows them to upgrade their existing gear’s attributes.

At first glance, the rarity seems like the easiest way to evaluate gear, but as you progress, checking stats like Power Breakpoints also becomes important. Based on your World Tier and the rarity of the item, the Power Breakpoint increases, and upgrading gear with high Power Breakpoints can be quite beneficial.

Here’s everything to know about the Item Power stat in Diablo 4 and how you can use it to upgrade gear.

What is Item Power stat in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Item Power is the item’s base damage value or base armor rating. This stat can be found for any piece of armor, jewelry, and weapon and is limited by players’ level and World Tier.

Item Power gets a boost of 5 points per upgrade, and some materials can be upgraded up to five times with the help of a blacksmith. When passing the threshold of Item Power 340, you can get an overall upgrade potential from just over 1% to just over 10% in some categories.

Diablo 4 The Lion of Arreat Armor
Items can be upgraded up to five times with the help of the blacksmith in Diablo 4.

What are Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4?

Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4 are hidden stats that can signal which item can receive a massive buff to all its base stats when upgrading it. Getting gear with an Item Power that’s near the next threshold of power will mean that it will gain a lot more than the standard 10% power upgrade. Crossing these thresholds will also grant special buffs.

There are six tiers of item power in Diablo 4, which are called Item Power Breakpoints. Here are the different tiers:

TierItem Power Breakpoint
Tier 1 GearItem Power 1 – 149
Tier 2 GearItem Power 150 – 339
Tier 3 GearItem Power 340 – 459
Tier 4 GearItem Power 460 – 624
Tier 5 GearItem Power 625 – 724
Tier 6 GearItem Power 725 and up

How to upgrade gear in Diablo 4

You can upgrade gear by talking to any blacksmith in Diablo 4. You’ll discover that there’s a limit on how many upgrades your items can get. This is something you’ll need to watch out for when trying to go through Item Power Breakpoints.

Here’s how many times you can upgrade your gear depending on its rarity in Diablo 4:

RarityColorNumber of upgrades
Unique ItemsGold(Can only be upgraded at The Occultist)

In order to upgrade your gear in Diablo 4, the blacksmith will ask you for a certain amount of gold and materials before boosting your gear.

Diablo 4: Item Power loot level

Targeting World Bosses to get the best gear for every class is one of the main activities in the Diablo 4 endgame. While Item Power doesn’t vary for Unique Items, it does with Rare and Legendary Items. Here are all the Item Power ranges for Sacred and Ancestral Items in Season 3:

  • Sacred:
    • Level 55: 625–700
    • Level 56: 627–702
    • Level 70: 655–730
  • Ancestral:
    • Level 75: 780–855
    • Level 76: 782–857
    • Level 100: 830–925
  • Post Level 100:
    • Level 101: 831–925
    • Level 102: 832–925
Diablo 4 Necromancer
Item Power will vary between Ancestral and Sacred Items in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Item Power scaling has also been adjusted to a more consistently drop high Item Power loot in higher tier Nightmare Dungeons. Here’s what Blizzard confirmed so far for any loot obtained from vanquishing any type of demon:

  • Monsters at level 100
    • Legendary Item Power Range
      • Previous: 820-925
      • New: 845-925
    • Rare Item Power Range
      • Previous: 785-925
      • New: 810-925
  • Monsters at level 125
    • Legendary Item Power Range
      • Previous: 845-925
      • New: 910-925
    • Rare Item Power Range
      • Previous: 810-925
      • New: 885-925
  • Monsters at level 144
    • Legendary and Rare Items
      • New: 925
  • World Bosses at level below 70
    • New: 785-885
  • World Bosses at level 71-80
    • New: 815-905
  • World Bosses at level 81-90
    • New: 845-925
  • World Bosses at level 91-100
    • New: 890-925

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