Diablo 4: Item Power Breakpoints explained

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Item Power Breakpoints are one of the hidden stats in Diablo 4 that add another full layer of customization to a character’s build. Here’s what you should know about Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is responsible for adding some surprising hidden stats that change the way to achieve the best builds to take on Sanctuary. One of these hidden stats called Item Power Breakpoints can be spotted when upgrading armor, items, and weapons.

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Taking note of this hidden stat in Diablo 4 can save time and resources when trying to make the most of some item power buffs. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Item Power Breakpoints and how to achieve massive power boosts for your items in Diablo 4.

What is Item Power stat in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Item Power is the item’s base damage value or base armor rating. This stat can be found for any piece of armor, jewelry, and weapon and is limited by players’ level and World Tier.

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Item Power gets a boost of 5 points per upgrade, and some materials can be upgraded up to five times with the help of a blacksmith. When passing the threshold of Item Power 340, you can get an overall upgrade potential from just over 1% to just over 10% in some categories.

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Items can be upgraded up to five times with the help of the blacksmith in Diablo 4.

What are Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4?

Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo 4 are hidden stats that can signal which item can receive a massive buff to all its base stats when upgrading it. Getting gear with an Item Power that’s near the next threshold of power will mean that it will gain a lot more than the standard 10% power upgrade. Crossing these thresholds will also grant special buffs.

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There are six tiers of item power in Diablo 4, which are called Item Power Breakpoints. Here are the different tiers:

TierItem Power Breakpoint
Tier 1 GearItem Power 1 – 149
Tier 2 GearItem Power 150 – 339
Tier 3 GearItem Power 340 – 459
Tier 4 GearItem Power 460 – 624
Tier 5 GearItem Power 625 – 724
Tier 6 GearItem Power 725 and up

How to upgrade gear in Diablo 4

You can upgrade gear by talking to any blacksmith in Diablo 4. You’ll discover that there’s a limit on how many upgrades your items can get. This is something you’ll need to watch out for when trying to go through Item Power Breakpoints.

Here’s how many times you can upgrade your gear depending on its rarity in Diablo 4:

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RarityColorNumber of upgrades
Unique ItemsGold(Can only be upgraded at The Occultist)

In order to upgrade your gear in Diablo 4, the blacksmith will ask you for a certain amount of gold and materials before boosting your gear.

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