Diablo 4 dev confirms Living Steel chest fixes are on the way

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 character in Fractured PeaksBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 fans have been constantly complaining about the lack of Living Steel in the chests during Helltides in Season 2. Keeping in mind all the feedback, Blizzard have finally decided to fix it.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been essential in rejuvenating the game’s fanbase as it has attracted old and new players alike. Although Blizzard have made several changes to fix the game, it seems like fans are still unhappy with the Living Steel chest drops during Helltides.

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Since the release of Season of Blood, most of the complaints were about the Living Steel chest drops. Players have been relentlessly complaining about it, hoping for a fix from Blizzard’s end. It seems like the wait for a potential fix is over.

Adam Fletcher, the Global Community Development Director for Diablo at Blizzard posted on X (formerly Twitter) on November 13 that the team is preparing a hotfix to “address some feedback regarding difficulty around collecting Living Steel and Living Steel chests disappearing in Helltides.”

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Although it’s still unclear exactly what the devs are planning for the fix, players are happy to see change: “Adam and the team great job this season… it’s amazing…I love the direction this game is going.”

However, some suggested that Nightmare Dungeons should also have Living Steel as rewards, with most of the requests being about “increasing the amount of living steels per chest.”

Others had several questions about the upcoming hotfix, with one player asking if the devs are planning to increase the amount of Living Steel per chest “from at least 3 to 5” because many Diablo 4 consider the grind to be a “chore.”

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Some players were also concerned about the time-gated nature of Helltides in Diablo 4, asking if they were getting “new ways to farm” Living Steel that aren’t time-gated like Helltides. Others wanted Living Steel to “drop 5 at the end of [Nightmare] Dungeons.”

Now that the devs have assured the players about an upcoming hotfix, it seems like they already have a solution ready, but whether players feel it will be enough remains to be seen. The devs have not confirmed when the hotfix is dropping as of writing, but we expect it to be there before the end of November.

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