Diablo 4 demand Living Steel chest changes to fix “horrible” Helltide grind

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Living Steel Chest

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been receiving praise from many players, however, some of them are still dissatisfied with the Helltides and the Living Steel chests. With the event being time-gated, many believe that it makes the grind even worse.

Diablo 4 has introduced several new bosses in Season 2 where you can summon each of them after farming several resources in Sanctuary. One of them is the Living Steel which can only be farmed from Living Steel chests during Helltides.

However, to open a single Living Steel chest, you will need to collect at least 300 Cinders during the event. This is why the time-gated nature of Helltides is being disliked by many players in the community.

A D4 player, ‘TheSellswordKingTTV,’ mentioned in a Reddit post that “Living Steel ruins the flow” of the game. They elaborated on the issue further by claiming that “each chest gives you 3 living steel most of the time.”

For context, to summon Grigoire and Echo of Duriel in Diablo 4 Season 2, you will need 5 and 10 Living Steel respectively. This is why getting only 3 Living Steel after farming 300 Cinders during Helltides is considered to be a problem by many players.

However, the OP also suggested that the devs could either make Helltide “be constantly up” or “keep helltide time gated but make living steel chests a guaranteed 5 living steel each.” According to them, Blizzard could also present certain “reliable ways to bridge the gap” with Legion Events or World Bosses, or just reintroducing trading into the game.

With Season 2 still in its infancy, Blizzard will continue to try and fix all the issues in the game. So if this issue is also recognized by the devs, fans can expect a patch addressing this sooner or later.

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