Diablo 4 players fed up of gear & Affixes grind that feels “like a part time job”

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Season 2 wolf causing havoc

Diablo 4 players are still finding problems with the game’s grind as they are complaining about the gear and lack of suitable Affixes in the game.

The Diablo 4 devs have made sure to rework a lot of aspects of the game, and include several new farming options such as the Uber boss loot tables in Season 2. However, players are still not content with these changes as they want fixes to the game’s itemization.

Although Blizzard have increased the item drop rates and increased the overall XP gain in D4 to enable players to get better gear, some players need Affixes and items to be in sync with one another for their builds in the game.

Reddit user iwearoddsockz explained the issue “Replacing gear feels like a part-time job” and they apparently hate it. The OP further explained that “this shouldn’t be the case” and it “breaks the flow of the game.”

The main issue that the OP has with the gear and itemization in this game is the presence of unnecessary Affixes. They said that getting back used-up Affixes is a chore if they are not in the Codex, and if you need two Affixes, it just makes the issue worse.

Many players previously had the same issue with various items as imprinting them with a desired Affix means you will have to search for it again if you ever need it in Diablo 4. So having upgraded gear with undesirable Affixes is something Diablo 4 fans want to avoid during their playthroughs.

As a solution, one user suggested that “every affix should be in the codex” whereas others agreed to this and thought that “this would fix so many things with the entire system.” However, it seems like everyone seemed to agree with the OP when they said that they “just want to be excited” about their new gear.

However, Blizzard have already addressed this issue in their previous Campfire Chats and have promised to fix the Codex in Diablo 4. Although we cannot predict when you can find this exact update in a patch, you can be sure that the devs will try and fix this issue, sooner or later.

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