How to get Manifested Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Hamza Khalid
Destiny 2 characters in Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost event has brought new activities to Destiny 2, and you can collect Manifested Pages to learn a bit more about the lore of the game’s universe.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is well underway now, and you can now participate in the Festival of the Lost, which has brought the spooky season of Halloween to the game. There are various activities you can try out during the event.

One of these activities requires you to collect Spectral and Manifested pages to acquire lore from a tome. This guide will go over everything you need to get your hands on Manifested Pages.

How to get Destiny 2 Spectral Pages

Destiny 2 Gone but not Forgotten quest

You’ll need to visit the new vendor next to Eva Levante’s stand at the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost. All Spectral Pages that you collect can be changed into Manifested Pages here.

First, you’ll need to get the “Gone But Not Forgotten” quest from Eva. This will get you the Masquerader’s Hood mask which you need to wear while completing some Haunted Lost Sectors.

One particular boss in these Haunted Lost Sectors from whom you can collect Spectral Pages is the Headless One. You’re guaranteed to find some of these pages if you complete these while wearing your mask.

How to convert Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages

Eva Levante in Destiny 2

After you’ve collected a few pages, you just need to return back to The Tower and open the menu in the Book of the Forgotten. This will let you convert your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

Acquiring these pages will give you some more insight into the lore of Destiny 2. You can also earn other rewards in the event, including powerful weapons like the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and an exotic Sparrow.

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Image Credits: Bungie