Destiny 2 players call for mass The Final Shape DLC refund after layoff and delay news

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The most recent developments at Bungie left Destiny 2 players with bittersweet news about layoffs and the delay of the next expansion. The Final Shape will be delayed until June 2024, and players have expressed their anger by requesting mass refunds for pre-orders.

Destiny 2 has always been known for its player engagement and strong community bonds, so it’s no surprise that the most recent news about layoffs at Bungie, and the delay of The Final Shape have caused a shock amongst players.

For Destiny 2 players who have always shown their support and feedback to the people behind the popular multiplayer sci-fi game, these are sad times indeed. A great deal of players have called out for a massive boycott against the company, after hearing that even the beloved Michael Salvatori was among the people affected by the cuts.

After information about staff cuts at Bungie was divulged by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the response has been almost instantaneous. Many players, fans of the franchise, and even developers have expressed their concern about the current state of the game, and its future.

Now, several players, content creators, and members of the online community are joining this protest and calling for a massive refund in disagreement with the decisions that led to the cuts of over 8% of the staff, and the delay of The Final Shape until June 2024, and Marathon for 2025.

Destiny 2 community reaction to layoffs & delays explained

Player engagement has always been a top priority for the Destiny 2 team, and it is shown through the support that the community has offered to the developers throughout the years, even when they thought some of the content offered was not up to standards.

A Destiny 2 content creator who requested to remain anonymous spoke with CharlieIntel and had this to say: “I’ve been part of the Destiny 2 community for years, and after all its ups and downs, I’m still convinced that this is the best game I’ve ever played, and the community is great as well! Though it saddens me to be part of the people who are going to refund The Final Shape, it is for the best. This is the best we can do to stop Bungie from straying from the path.”

When questioned about their concerns for the future of the game, they answered: “I guess if the worst happens, I would have to look for another game to stream! I already am trying with several titles, though, it is not the same. It will never be the same.”

Another Destiny 2 player who didn’t pre-order the expansion also expressed their doubts about the future of the franchise through his X account: “I didn’t think about pre-ordering it but definitely thought about getting it day 1. Now I’m not sure if I wanna get it at all… If I do end up getting it in the end, TFS will be the last Destiny chapter for me. After that, I’m definitely moving on.”

Meanwhile, a veteran player who is also disappointed with the company has voiced out their agreement with the boycott: “They made the correct decision. I’ve been with Destiny since week 1 of D1, and I’m out. It’s over. Bungie lost and they’ve destroyed what Destiny could’ve been. No more sunk cost fallacy. Time to move on.”

Destiny 2 has been struggling with player retention for the past few years and after the majorly successful launch of The Witch Queen back in February 2022, they have been constantly losing active players. While it is unlikely that this callout for a massive refund spree will succeed in correcting the course for Bungie, we will keep you informed if further developments occur.

In the meantime, you should know that Bungie is fixing a long-overdue issue with their shaders, or that players also have been reacting to Destiny 2 plans for the AR Weapon Archetype.

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