Destiny 2 players furious as Bungie forces them to wear “ugly” mask for Halloween event

Aakash Regmi
Three guardians lining up with the new creepy crawly armor in Destiny 2

Grandma Eva is back in the tower for the Halloween-themed Festival of Lost event in Destiny 2, but to enjoy the meatiest part of the event, players have to wear a mask, and many aren’t happy with the requirement. 

It’s Spooktober, which means time for the yearly Halloween event in Destiny 2, the Festival of Lost. It usually has our Guardians running around wearing creepy masks, haunting everyone from space rhinos to space zombies for some candies.

Similar to other events, like Solstice, Grandma Eva will ask you to run errands for some eerie-looking loot. But for the most of event activity, a themed mask has to stay on with no other option, and some players aren’t finding the masks to their taste.

One of the major complaints about the Festival of Lost event in Destiny 2 from players has been having to wear this themed mask as a requirement for the event.

This ruins builds, as the stats on it are poor, and since it is legendary, players who use builds where exotic helmets are important become virtually worthless when playing the event activity. Players are even more infuriated, as transmog exists in Destiny 2, and events like Solstice already make use of it.

In a Reddit thread, a lot of people vented their frustration, with some suggesting Bungie change them to class items since they aren’t important to builds. 

A Reddit user wrote, “Dude, f masks. Just make it a class item ornament. I feel like they could come up with some cool stuff there that I would actually use post event even.” Another user said they just “put mask on in the last 30 seconds to get the reward” and avoid the fuss altogether.

The post also sparked discussion elsewhere on X, and the feeling was still the same.

On X, a user briefly highlighted all that is wrong with the requirement:

“100% AGREE!

  • I can’t use helmet exotics with these
  • Ruins my stat distribution
  • I have to spend materials on them so I can use the mods I want
  • I don’t want to look ugly

There has to be another way Bungie”

Others said how baffling the decision is on Bungie’s part: “‘Oh boy I can’t wait to f**k up my Stat spread and waste a bunch of mats masterworking a helmet that’s completely useless for the other 49 weeks of the year,’ [said] no one.”

Bungie hasn’t responded to these complaints yet, and given that this has been raised multiple times and the event ends on November 7, players aren’t too optimistic that it’ll be addressed. 

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