Destiny 2 players hit back at “horrible” AR ammo change teased by Bungie

Aakash Regmi
Warlock killing a hive ghost in Destiny 2

Bungie has teased new ammo types for ARs with a cryptic line in their October 25 briefing, and this has fans already worried, thinking this will make them even worse in Destiny 2. 

In their Dev Insight highlighting all the weapon changes coming in Destiny 2 Season 23, Bungie also added a cheeky line that the community assumes will be a big ammo change for ARs. If the assumption is correct, it can heavily change ARs, for better or worse, and players have already made up their minds that the change doesn’t sound positive.

Currently, ARs in Destiny 2 use primary ammo as opposed to heavy or special ammo. Primary ammo is infinite, so you don’t have to ever worry about running out of rounds. While not the absolute best, ARs are generally strong in PvP and fairly sought-after.

Bungie suggests ARs will have different ammo types in Destiny 2

Bungie prefaced their briefing by detailing how they view weapons and their intended purpose in Destiny 2. Among the lines discussing AR, they added a line that reads, “They all use Primary ammo (for now),” ending with a winking face emoji.

Fans have assumed that the “for now” part implies that Bungie would be changing AR ammo across the board and quickly disapproved of the idea. 

A user wrote, “Don’t even think about it Bungie,” assuming that all AR ammo quality will be changed from Primary to either Heavy or Special. 

Another said that they’ll straight up quit should the change ever become a reality: “Straight up. If Bungie makes auto rifles use special ammo & keep bows use primary ammo I will never play Destiny 2 pvp again! No cap. Heck I rarely play D2 pve so might not even touch it.” Others more or less said it is a “horrible idea” and will render ARs worthless.

It is unclear what Bungie implied with the line, but it’s unlikely that they’ll change the entire ammo type. The line does, however, confirm that in the future some ARs could use a different type of ammo but the rest will probably remain as is.

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