Destiny 2 The Final Shape: Release date, gameplay changes, weapons & new features

The Final Shape trailerBungie

The Final Shape is coming to Destiny 2, and players are quite hyped about all the new content coming to the game in this next big expansion. Here is all you need to know about Destiny 2 The Final Shape, including new weapons, new Supers, new release date, and more.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape was revealed during an August 2023 showcase, marking the end of the Light versus Darkness saga. The showcase also revealed the glorious return of Cayde 6 as our guide through this perilous journey into the Heart of the Traveller.

The former Hunter Vanguard and many other recurring characters of the franchise will accompany us to the final showdown against The Darkness. Here’s all the information about Destiny 2 The Final Shape, including the release date, story, new supers, weapons, and new features.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Expansion is scheduled for June 4, 2024, and will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The original date was set for February 27, 2024, but was delayed. Bungie says the expansion “needs more time to become exactly what we want it to be,” and thus, has decided to kick forward its release date.

During its reveal showcase, Bungie said that this expansion will deliver the “pinnacle of your adventure as Guardians.” Additionally, they shared various details about the story campaign, new weapons, new subclasses, and a lot of new features, including new archetype weapons, a new raid, new seasonal armor, and more.

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape story campaign

The Pale Heart will be the main location of the Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion, and it will represent the Heart of the Traveler. It will be a circular area with small subsections that are all connected. On one end it has the Portal from where players enter this realm, and on the other end, it has a giant monolith built by The Witness.

According to Joe Blackburn: “It’s all about tracking your journey.” It will be different from the way you usually explore the Destiny 2 universe. He also added: “In Day 1 of The Final Shape you will know that you’ve got a job to do.”

The entire destination gets unlocked once you arrive. You are in the Heart of the Traveler and you need to save it from the Witness Corruption. The entire map will respond to the player’s interactions depending on “who has been there before.” The Destiny 1 tower will be there as a landmark, but we don’t know if it will be the main hub.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape new Supers & Subclass

New subclasses are coming to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape expansion, and here’s a full rundown of each of them.

Twilight Arsenal (Titan)

Titan’s new Void Super coming to Destiny 2 The Final Shape will allow them to unleash powerful blasts of Void energy by wielding a throwable two-handed axe. The weapon lands and creates a slowing orb of pulsating Void energy, damaging enemies and staying in place. Teammates then can pick up the Axes and wield them as Melee weapons.

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The new Void subclass will allow the Titans to hold their grenade buttons to charge up a portable shield bubble that absorbs damage and then releases it for a devastating Void explosion.

Song of Flame (Warlock)

In Destiny 2 the Final Shape, the Warlock’s new super is called Song of Flame, and it will create an overcharged surge of solar power that Warlocks can now wield, and it will be the second first-person Super available in the game. The Warlock can cast a grenade that will become sentient and follow enemies, marking and damaging them.

It will also gain access to a powerful blast that can be cast by aiming and shooting in first-person mode. At the same time, it will overcharge all solar weapons around them, buffing the power of their squads.

Here’s new gameplay footage of Destiny 2 The Final Shape’s new Song of Flame Warlock Super. The footage also showcases some of the new Warlock Solar Aspects that will be available with the release of the expansion.

Storm’s Edge (Hunter)

In Destiny 2 The Final Shape, the Hunter’s new Storm’s Edge Super will involve casting a powerful Arc current through their knives and throwing it, then teleporting to the location where you throw it to perform a powerful circle sweep that annihilates enemies. You cast it three times in a row, which would make the Hunters even more nimble and fast. It’s all about repositioning and doing tons of damage.

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Here’s additional footage on the new Hunter Super coming to Destiny 2, the Final Shape, including combat gameplay, new Arc Aspects, and a rundown on its new ability set.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape new enemies

Subjugators will be the new enemies appearing in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. The main difference between the Tormentors and these enemies is that they will be wielding Darkness powers like Stasis and Strand.

Unlike Tormentors, who are more physical and melee-focused boss-tier enemies, Subjugators will be mainly focusing on controlling the battlefield.

According to Bungie, Subjugators will spawn with a screech from the Pyramid background sound in the middle of the battlefield filled with enemies, along with new enemies. It seems like they will bring enemy reinforcements and play the role of “commanders” of the Witness Forces.

Subjugators in Destiny 2 The Final ShapeBungie
Subjugators will be darkness-empowered casters able to control the battlefield using strand and stasis.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape new Weapons

Destiny 2 has always been a looter shooter, and with the arrival of The Final Shape, players will be able to pick from a new arsenal of Exotic Weapons and Legendary Weapon archetypes and some renewed and empowered classic Destiny 1 Exotics.

New Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 The Final Shape


This new Exotic Stasis/Strand Fusion Rifle acts similarly to the Forerunner Exotic by “swallowing your grenade” and charging it into the weapon to shoot Linear Fusion Rifle-like powered shots.

Tesellation Exotic Weapon Destiny 2Bungie
Tessellation will unlock automatically for those who purchase The Final Shape.

The weapon will also adapt to your current Darkness Subclass equipped, allowing you to finally have three darkness-powered weapons equipped at the same time. Players will be able to unlock this weapon immediately by pre-ordering The Final Shape expansion.

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Golden Gun Sniper rifle

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This new weapon was only partially revealed. For the moment, we know it’s a sniper solar rifle and, according to Bungie: “It will give the same feeling as Hunters casting their Golden Gun.” So probably an exotic weapon, a high caliber slow-firing Sniper Rifle, similar to White Nail.

Sniper Rifle Exotic The Final ShapeBungie
The new Exotic rifle would allow players to hit hard like a Golden Gun.

The most recent information revealed by Bungie devs would suggest that this could be a new Exotic Quest Weapon coming with the first part of the Episodic releases after The Final Shape. This would suggest that these “Episodes” will carry the tradition of each season offering a brand new Exotic Weapon for Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 1 Exotics returning to Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Some Iconic weapons from Destiny 1 are returning to the game in new forms or at least, according to Bungie, they will have upgrades to standardize them to current Exotic and Legendary mechanics.

The Khvostov 7G-0X Auto-Rifle is making a comeback. It is rumored that it could make a comeback in the seasons prior to The Final Shape release. This is one of the weapons confirmed to be returning from Destiny 1.

The Red Death is also making a comeback as a solar weapon pulse rifle that apparently will have the Scorch Feature and area damage. And, according to Joe Blackburn’s words: “It’s a great deal in PVE, and players will be able to claim it from day one.” So it seems that it will be delivered along with seasonal content.

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The Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher from Destiny 2 will also be re-introduced later. We don’t know what changes this Exotic Power Weapon will bring, but as seen in the gameplay showcase, it seems to spread Scorch and Ignite enemies in a wide area.

New weapon Archetypes in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion will be welcoming two new Weapon Archetypes to their already crowded roster. One of them is a new Sidearm archetype, and the other is a new Auto-Rifle archetype with a twist. Here’s all you need to know about them both.

New weapon Archetype: Rocket Pistols (Sidearms)

Rocket Pistols combine the best of rocket launchers and handguns. They will be slow-firing Energy Weapon Handguns, that shoot tracing rockets made of energy and explode dealing area damage, similar to the ones shot by the Nanotech Rocket Perk that some of Neomuna’s Weapons have.

Rocket Pistol Sidearm Destiny 2Bungie
Rocket Pistols are coming to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape expansion.

New weapon Archetype: Support Auto-Rifles

Support Auto-Rifles will be the new auto-rifle archetype that switches from a slow-firing damage burst to shooting healing bullets. They will be Legendary weapons, and according to the Bungie team, they are intended to change the meta and add utility to the game.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Seasonal Armor

Seasonal Armor for Destiny 2 The Final Shape has not been fully revealed, only teased in a quick shot during the reveal trailer.

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Seasonal Armor The Final ShapeBungie
The Final Shape Seasonal Armor looks great in all classes.

We will add more details as soon as they are revealed and more information about the Seasonal Armor comes up in the official channels.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape New Raid

The New Raid in Destiny 2 The Final Shape will make players confront The Witness in an epic conclusion of the Light versus Darkness saga, and according to Joe Blackburn, “It will be like a reverse The Taken King-like experience for the players.”

According to Bungie, they think that this activity will be quite a formidable challenge for the players and the pinnacle of their journey as Guardians. Bungie will reveal more details about this new Raid as The Final Shape Expansion approaches its launch date.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Seasonal Content

Starting with The Final Shape Expansion, seasonal content in Destiny 2 will now drop as Episodes, with three in a year. Keep in mind that these dates are provisional and subject to change:

  • Episode One titled Echoes: From March To July 2024.
  • Episode Two titled Revenant: from July to October 2024.
  • Episode Three titled Heresy: from November 2024 to February 2025.

Content drops will be more spaced out to allow Bungie to deliver better quality content with more replayability, and give them time to react to the players’ feedback and relay those needs to deliver new and fresh content to the game and “amp up the variety” of content they will add into the game.

Destiny 2 Episodic CadenceBungie
Episodes will be the new content drop format for Destiny 2 after The Final Shape.

It will also be more narrative-focused, and deliver the same quality of narrative content they have been trying to convey to the players.

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Once the first Episode content drops, they will enter a recursive loop to add more content according to the community needs. So it would seem that Destiny 2 will still be alive after The Final Shape, and the developers didn’t mention anything about Destiny 3 being in their plans either.

Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder & Guardian Power

Destiny 2 has always been a community-focused game, and these two new features, being added with The Final Shape, involve expanding and nurturing community collaboration to a whole new level.

The Fireteam Finder feature will add more possibilities for Matchmaking to the Game, allowing players to form teams on the go for all the PvE/PvP content in the game, as long as they have the proper expansions unlocked. This new feature will also allow players to complete high-end tier activities more easily, so it is a great addition to the core matchmaking mechanic that the game already has.

Guardian Power Feature Destiny 2Bungie
Bungie revealed that the Guardian Power feature will allow players to match their Power Level.

Guardian Power is the second feature mentioned in the stream, and it will allow any Guardian to participate in the same activities as their Power levels will pair with those that created the Squad.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collector’s Edition price & rewards

The Final Shape Collector’s Edition will bring a lot of goodies, including a Standing Model of Destiny 1 Tower hub, in a polished metal design, with magnetic applications that allow you to place little models of the Vanguard’s three leaders (Cayde, Ikora, and Zavala) and trigger iconic dialogues and sounds.

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It will also include Lore Books, the OST, and more incredible-looking merchandise. The Final Shape Collector’s Edition can be acquired in the Bungie Store for $275 US / $372.79 CAD / £215.92 GBP.

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