Destiny 2 Season 23 to finally bring long-requested vault feature

Aakash Regmi
Guardia Standing in front of Vault in H.E.L.M with Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade

Bungie announced that in Destiny 2 Season 23, players will be able to access their vault from orbit. This will make build-switching all the more convenient for players, especially those tuning in with their fireteam to take on the toughest challenges, like raids. 

Destiny 2 always had a limit to how many guns and gear you could have at a single time, so players had to toss all the excess inventory into the vault. While the vault had a larger capacity of 600 gear items, you had to either travel to the Tower or other hubs like H.E.L.M. 

It was one of the long-standing frustrations for players because of how long the loading screen can take, or when they wanted to try a new gun or armor on a whim. But, fortunately, along with the many changes and welcome additions, a new and more convenient way to access the vault is arriving in Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 players can access vault from orbit in Season 23

Vault in Destiny 2 with guns
You can store your guns, gears, and some other items in Destiny 2’s vault.

In their October 23 This Week In Destiny, Bungie announced that Guardians can access their vault from orbit in Destiny 2 Season 23. Not only that, Bungie also said they’re looking into providing more ways to let players access the vault. 

“Starting in Season 23, you’ll be able to access your vault from orbit!” revealed Bungie. “We are hoping that this update will make it easier for all Guardians to update their build ahead of the start of an activity. We are exploring additional areas to give more freedom to access the vault in-game for potential future releases.”

Currently, the only way to access the vault on the go is by using the Destiny 2 companion app or another third-party app like DIM. There is no other in-game method to check your vault other than visiting any hubs like Tower. 

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