Destiny 2 player count drops to all-time low before Season of the Wish release

Aakash Regmi
Guardians standing side by side with their seasonal armor in destiny 2Bungie

Destiny 2 Season 23, Season of the Wish, is only one week away, as it gets set for a November 28 launch. However, things are looking grim for Bungie’s MMO shooter as its player count hit an all-time low. 

A plummeting player base count for a live-service game, especially for a title like Destiny 2, isn’t uncommon. For Destiny 2, though, the player count is now down to the worst numbers the game has ever seen, even less than during Season of Plunder, which the community thinks was some of the lowest points in Destiny 2’s history. 

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Bungie tried to win back the confidence of players a few times. In August, the game director made a candid apology addressing some of the game’s core issues. In October, Bungie posted a statement regarding recent layoffs, which fans thought was “tone-deaf.”

According to the player base, neither has done anything to reinstate trust considering how close the release of the upcoming Season of the Wish is.

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Destiny 2 Steam player count lower than Season of Plunder

A new season is due shortly in Destiny 2, which means we are nearing the end of the current season. While there will be players trying to tie up all the loose ends, most of the past trends for the game suggest lower activity during said time. 

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However, players have now pointed out that the player count on Steam is at its lowest point ever.

It was only in February earlier this year when Destiny 2 recorded its all-time peak with the release of Lightfall, totaling 316,651 players. But the reception of Lightfall was lukewarm, and players feel Bungie haven’t yet managed to win them back. 

The lowest recorded player count for Season of Plunder was 41,413 and the Season of the Witch now sits at 38,453. Whether the player base soars to respectable numbers when the next season releases, remains to be seen. 

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With the alleged delay of The Final Shape DLC and players refunding in masses, Destiny 2 is in a rough spot.  

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