Destiny 2 players slam Bungie’s “tone-deaf” statement following layoffs

Aakash Regmi
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Bungie tried to win back Destiny 2 fans in a statement addressing the recent layoffs, but it seems players aren’t finding Bungie’s words all that wholehearted. 

In what would usually be a This Week in Destiny (TWID), where Bungie outlines all the changes coming Destiny 2, the company instead released a statement addressing the wider community concerns in the wake of layoffs and alleged inner turmoil.

Fans, however, feel that the statement is not sincere and lacks any form of “sympathy” for their own ex-employees who were affected recently. Even before the current controversy, the community morale was down, and some feel the statement will plummet it further.

On November 2, Bungie made a blog post titled “Our Path Forward,” highlighting all the recent events and providing updates on the future.

The statement starts with, “This has been one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history, as we’ve parted ways with people we respect and admire” and mentions the community’s morale directly: “We know we have lost a lot of your trust.”

Throughout the statement, players feel Bungie didn’t mention anything meaningful about the future of the game and all the words penned about the layoff were “corpo PR-bulls**t.”

A user wrote on X, “This was so cold and detached. ‘Destiny 2 Dev Team,’ not sure I’m familiar with that CM…like I said, no more personality or spark.” Others said the attempted apology lacks real hard feelings: “wow what a corporate statement, thanks for the nothingburger.”

Many of the Destiny 2 content creators were also upset with the statement. ‘My name is Byf’ replied, “A little under 300 words, unsigned, from the Destiny 2 dev team. I’m going to talk about this again. Suffice to say, I’d feel very differently if this was signed by either a member of the development team, or a member of the executive team.”

Elsewhere, fans also called out Bungie’s CEO over another “tone deaf” farewell tweet for the recently laid-off employees.

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