Destiny 2 dev apologizes for State of the Game blog & promises major PvP overhaul

Aakash Regmi
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Destiny 2 players were up in arms against Bungie, after they felt that the recent dev communications were not addressing some of the game’s core issues. In fact, players felt Bungie were dodging some of the major problems. Now, Destiny 2’s game director posted a candid video addressing the issues.

Even though Destiny 2 is still going strong after its release nearly six years ago, there have been a few outbursts between the community and developers. One of the more recent subjects was the community feeling that Lightfall failed to meaningfully progress the game’s Light vs. Dark saga.

Bungie will aim to address this in their upcoming seasons and expansion, The Final Shape, which is due for a showcase in August 2023. Another thing that players took issue with was the lack of content in PvP and adding new cosmetics that were not paywalled.

Destiny 2’s game director addressed those concerns in a video.

New PvP maps & free armor set to arrive in upcoming Destiny 2 seasons

Strand battle in Destiny 2
A Xur revamp is also due with The Final Shape as per Bungie’s Game Director.

Joe Blackburn took to X and shared a video, speaking plainly about the upcoming changes, including PvP and free armor sets coming to Destiny 2, as well as apologizing for a lack of proper communication.

He said, “A few weeks ago we put out a State of the Game communication that wasn’t up to our standards for what y’all have come to expect for those kinds of communications. It didn’t provide the high-level vision we normally provide and really and truly a bunch of us were heads down working on The Final Shape and weren’t able to give it the sort of care and love we usually put into these sorts of communications.”

On August 3 Bungie wrote a blog post, intended to address concerns relating to PvP, hinting earlier that there may be some fresh content. The developer would then instead go on to say they don’t have enough resources to make any map, and it is very “consuming” to design armor.

Fans pointed out that dozens of paid armor sets are being released frequently while the ritual and the free version don’t get any proper attention from the devs themselves.

Addressing these issues, Joe said there will be changes coming. First off, they plan to release a whole bunch of maps in the form of “map packs” in the upcoming seasons instead of drip-feeding one or two at a time. They are also dedicating a “PvP strike team,” an internal development team focused solely on the PvP modes of the game.

Speaking about the lack of armor, Joe Blackburn explained that there was a shift of focus on seasonal and endgame content and to compensate for the lack of communication they’ll make one of the paid armor sets from Season 22 free for all players. Some fans feel this is yet another damage control tactic and not much will come out of it.

Alongside all that, he said that the upcoming expansion showcase might not address all these issues as it is already recorded. How all these changes pan out and what players will get on the PvP side of things, remains to be seen. For more on Destiny 2, check out:

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