Destiny 2 accidentally spoils Season of Wish ending with in-game message

Emily Stander
Osiris in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 prides itself on its story as much as game mechanics, and a player has found a leak in-game that points to how the Season of the Wish will end. 

Each week, Destiny 2 players are tasked with talking to Osiris at the holoprojector in Season of the Wish. This week, however, it seems that Bungie has left a spoiler for the end of the season

After speaking with Osiris, text appears to summarize what was spoken about, and fans have found a detail that they were not informed about either through Osiris or in-game events. The line is: “Osiris believes there is a way to follow Crow through the portal – and urges us to keep going.” 

Redditor ‘Voldernnn’ posted about this find: “There is a text in the holoprojector that Osiris did not say, and it includes a serious spoiler for the end of the season.” 

This text includes the line that players think is a spoiler for the end of the latest Destiny 2 season.

Destiny 2 fans in the comments did not express much shock. Instead, a discussion about what might happen next took place on the OP’s thread. The overarching theory was that Crow would be going into the portal to meet with Cayde, or that his wish was used to bring Cayde back. 

“More than that I’d be willing to bet Crow will be meeting Cayde in there. I presumed that would be the case ever since I saw the latter would be returning, as it felt like a rather natural step in Crow’s storyline,” one player commented. 

Whether the addition of this line was intentional or not, it seems that players are enjoying discussing what may happen next in Destiny 2’s story. It might be intentional, though, as some players mentioned. 

Another player said, “Wait until you look at the ships in collections this season and read the lore tab of Unforeseen Consequences for some more spice.” 

Is Bungie leaking their story on purpose? They may be, since this find has sparked plenty of discussion among fans. Either way, if there are any more updates, we will be sure to let you know. 

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