Server issues ruin Destiny 2 The Final Shape release & players are furious

Lucas Simons
Destiny 2 The Final Shape Cinematic

Destiny 2 players across the globe have had to wait to be able to enjoy The Final Shape on the day of release, as the game is experiencing several crashes and login issues.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape has arrived, but players are experiencing issues preventing them from enjoying this new expansion. Even after the extended 24-hour downtime, Bungie couldn’t guarantee access to the expansion, much to the annoyance of Guardians eagerly waiting to play on June 4.

Bungie already stated that they will conduct an extended background maintenance period to fix these issues. Most of the players who manage to join the game after hours of waiting in queue are expelled after watching an introductory cutscene.

Several errors, including MAMUT, CINDY, DELTA, and even BattleEye crashes, have been reported as of writing. Meanwhile, on Reddit, the community is slamming Bungie due to the delays. “Destiny 2, The Final Delay. This is disrespectful to the community, to every D2 fan,” stated a player.

Various Destiny 2 players stated that this isn’t the first time a launch full of issues has occurred: “You’d think they’d do more to make sure it DOESN’T happen every expansion lol,” said one of the members of the D2 community.

A reduced number of players can join the game successfully, and players commenting on X are angry because they see this as an unfair head start. With the Day One Raid competition set for Friday, June 7, many believe they don’t have enough time to level up their characters or tune up their builds for the Raid.

Whether you are out there waiting to gain access to The Final Shape, or just relaxing and waiting for the frenzy to end so you can enjoy Destiny 2 later, you can check out the new Power Cap and how to claim Past Season rewards.

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