Cold War players call for devs to add “No Camping” game mode

Joseph Pascoulis
Frank Woods riding in helicopter in Black Ops Cold War

Some Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players seem to be fed up with campers, so much so that players suggest the developers create a “no camping” game mode, which could improve the Multiplayer experience.

With the Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded update rolling in soon, promising to bring some exciting new content such as the Judge Dredd skin, Numbers event, and new Zombies updates.

Just as some players weren’t too happy with the recent September 2 update, believing the Tec-9 needs to be nerfed further, some players are now suggesting the developers create a new mode based on preventing campers.

black ops cold war operator shooting

Camping has been a strategy in Call of Duty pretty much since Multiplayer for the game was released.

The strategy is seen as a negative playstyle in the eyes of many, while some may view it as tactical and calculated.

Camping involves players holding positions in which they wait for enemies. These positions tend to be sneaky or advantageous, such as a head glitch or in the corner of a room.

Black Ops Cold War “no camping” game mode

Reddit user srirachaninja is clearly fed up with campers, as they posted the idea of a “no camping” game mode to the community:

“I really would love a no-camper game mode where you can’t stay on a point for longer than 5-10 seconds. If you do so you lose health quickly till you die. I would love to have some fast games where not 50-80% of the players just camp on the hot spots to gain XP. This is getting so annoying.”

The idea seems pretty interesting and somewhat mirrors how Ghost works in Black Ops games. If a player is still for a certain amount of time with Ghost, the perk is no longer active, which is a similar concept to this player’s “no camping” game mode.

The reasoning behind the game mode is that the player would love a more fast-paced mode and not centered around players camping on “hot spots to gain XP.”

Others in the comments below all point towards the “Cranked” game mode, where players had to keep getting kills or assists to prevent their timer from dropping, which would cause them to explode and die: “Cranked is the solution.”

Unfortunately, Cranked isn’t available in Black Ops Cold War at the moment, but perhaps if this idea gains enough traction, the developers may work something out.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch