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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War players are calling for another Tec-9 nerf after September 2 update

Players feel the recent Tec-9 nerf wasn’t enough in Cold War, as they call for further tweaks to the weapon that they still consider to be too strong.



Black Ops Cold War character holding the Tec-9 weapon

Even though the recent Black Ops Cold War update introduced weapon balance changes, players still think the Tec-9 needs further nerfs.

Black Ops Cold War received an update on September 2 that nerfed both the Tec-9 and EM2 and addressed community concerns regarding these Season 5 weapons.

Players had been complaining about these weapons being too powerful since their release, so this update would have been a relief for those frustrated with the game’s weapon balancing.

However, with Season 5 Reloaded on the way, players feel that the Tec-9 nerf wasn’t enough and are calling for it to be nerfed even further.

Black ops cold war season 5 reloaded characters fighting

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded is on the way, bringing new Multiplayer content like the Zoo map and Demolition game mode.

Although the new content will keep the game fresh and enjoyable for players, one of the new weapons introduced for Season 5 is still causing controversy despite its recent nerf.

In the September 2 update, the developers nerfed the Tec-9: “If you’ve been getting lit up by the full-auto version of the TEC-9 a little too often lately, no worries – we’ve reduced the damage for the Full-Auto Repeater Muzzle attachment by 18%, from 50 to 41 per shot,” which seemed like a noticeable nerf.

black ops cold war tec-9

However, some players are still not happy with the weapon’s strength, claiming that it’s “still the best SMG/AR/LMG in the game and desperately needs another nerf.”

Reddit user naz2348 posted their frustration with the weapon balancing with their post entitled: “The TEC-9 is still the best SMG/AR/LMG in the game and desperately needs another nerf, I’m one of few that actually really enjoy Cold War and have been playing it all year, and it’s ruining my experience.”

The player feels as if even after the nerf, the Tec-9 remains the most dominant weapon, which is ultimately running their experience as “you’re basically forced to use the TEC-9 if you want any chance at competing.”

At the end of the post, the player calls for the devs to give the weapon another nerf, and it seems they aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

Another Reddit user by the name Mattykos also posted their frustrations with the Tec-9, claiming “the only difference I saw after today’s nerfs was people using more guns than just tec9/em2 but still tec9 feels like the best smg to choose and I keep getting dominated by people using it.”

It remains to be seen if Treyarch will apply another nerf to the Tec-9 in the future. Still, with the first one being a result of community feedback, it would not be surprising to see the Cold War developers take the latest round of criticism into account and work on applying a second Tec-9 nerf sometime in the future.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch