CoD experts claim new Aftermarket Part with “insane” TTK dominates MW3 & Warzone

Joseph Pascoulis
holger 556 jak backsaw kit in mw3 and warzone

MW3 expert TheXclusiveAce and Warzone pro FaZe Swagg claim that the new Aftermarket Part loadouts are dominating matches across multiplayer and battle royale.

Warzone and MW3 often get brand-new Aftermarket Parts through the Weekly Challenges. Some of these go on to become meta attachments for loadouts in both Warzone and MW3.

Now, Season 2 Reloaded‘s Week 6 challenges have brought the JAK Backsaw Kit for the Holger 556 in MW3 and Warzone, which both TheXclusiveAce and FaZe Swagg are taking advantage of.

The JAK Backsaw Kit for the Holger 556 gives the Assault Rifle a double barrel, allowing it to shoot two bullets at once. These bullets travel side by side horizontally, meaning that while it isn’t the best for long range, at close to medium ranges the weapon has an “insane” TTK according to FaZe Swagg.

Swagg opts for the JAK Glassless Optic with his Warzone Holger 556 JAK Backsaw Kit loadout, which continues to be a popular sight since being introduced in Season 2, while TheXclusiveAce shared his full attachments for the weapon, which he claims is a more SMG-like build for MW3 multiplayer.

TheXclusiveAce’s best MW3 Holger 556 JAK Backsaw Kit loadout

  • Ammunition: 5.56 Armor Piercing
  • Conversion Kit: JAK Backsaw Kit
  • Rear Grip: Morn-20 Grip
  • Stock: Holger Stockless Mod
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV

TheXclusiveAce opts for attachments such as the Morn-20 Grip, Holger Stockless Mod, and Schlager PEQ Box IV to increase the weapon’s aim down sight, sprintout, movement, and sprint speeds in MW3.

This makes the Holger 556 with the JAK Backsaw Kit much more mobile, allowing you to run around the map and dominate from medium to close ranges.

While the recoil is more intense with this build, according to TheXclusiveAce, it shouldn’t affect you too much, as the TTK is so fast at the weapon’s optimal range that you will barely notice it.

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