New Warzone Aftermarket Part gives OP rifle broken movement like an SMG

Joseph Pascoulis
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The new Warzone Aftermarket Part attachment that landed with Season 3’s Week 3 challenges makes one of the game’s best rifles even more OP with broken movement.

Warzone‘s Week 3 challenges in Season 3 has introduced a powerful new Aftermarket Part for players to unlock, the JAK Cutthroat Stock.

This new attachment provides a boost of mobility, while also aiding steadiness, making it an ideal choice for Assault Rifles. In fact, one of the best ARs in the game received a buff in the April 16 patch to make it even better, and now you can improve it even more by adding the JAK Cutthroat Stock.

The MTZ-556 has found its way to the top of the meta in Season 3, as it can perform extremely well at all ranges, with easy-to-control recoil and fast TTK numbers.

When it comes to close range, the MTZ-556 performs well, but if you’re looking for something more dominant up close you’d probably opt for the HRM-9. However, paired with the JAK Cutthroat, you may want to rethink your choice, as our best MTZ-556 loadout has insnae movement thanks to the attachment.

The JAK Cuthroat gives the MTZ-556 a much faster strafe speed, while also improving the stability while strafing. This makes you harder to hit, while at the same time allowing you to stay on target and hit your shots while strafing.

Popular content creator Metaphor also highlighted the JAK Cutthroat Stock on the MTZ-556, as they too believe it gives the AR “broken movement,” emphasizing in his April 17 YouTube video just how good the strafe speed and stability is with the new Aftermarket Part.

With the JAK Cutthroat, the MTZ-556 is perfect for Rebirth Island, dominating both close and mid-range with a fast fire rate and great mobility that lets you dart around the map and slide canceling while still being able to pull your gun up nice and fast to get the first shots off.

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