Warzone Kar98k returns with one-shot capabilities

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Warzone Kar98k Season 4 Paris map

Season 4 brings back the Kar98k to Warzone, and devs have confirmed the fan-favorite rifle retains its one-shot capabilities like in the game’s original iteration, with a few catches.

MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 arrives on May 29, making the long-awaited return of the iconic bolt-action Kar98k rifle. This long-range gun dominated during Verdansk‘s era and has evolved into one of the most iconic weapons in Warzone’s history, especially for quickscoping fans.

Following players’ initial concern about the capacity of the Kar98k in Season 4, the devs have confirmed that the Kar98k is a one-shot headshot in Warzone up to 63m and one shot from the upper torso up in multiplayer.

This ensures the beloved rifle can be included in the long-range meta dispute. Despite being classified as a Marksman Rifle in MW3 and Warzone, just like in MW 2019, the range limit for a one-shot headshot kill follows other Sniper Rifles now available in both games, such as the XRK Stalker or Advanced Warfare’s MORS.

However, thanks to the variety of attachments available in the game, the Kar98k’s range should be able to be extended, allowing it to feel just like the original version, especially on smaller maps like Resurgence’s Rebirth Island and Vondel.

In Warzone’s original iteration back in 2020, the Kar98k was incredibly powerful and quickly became a favorite for long-range combat, enabling a ton of one-shot kills all across Verdansk. The 2020 version featured modern attachments and an extra aim assist boost, making headshots effortless. This is expected to carry with MW3’s version as it is also categorized as a Marksman Rifle.

While Warzone Urzikstan and MW3 have plenty of long-range options to pick from, some even able to compete with the Kar98k’s blistering fire rate and outstanding mobility, it’s expected the iconic rifle will become the long-range meta option it once was.

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