MW3 & Warzone’s new Aftermarket part transforms OP AR into meta SMG

Nathan Warby
Warzone and MW3 player using BP50

The BP50 Assault Rifle is a popular choice in both Warzone and MW3 multiplayer, thanks to its high fire rate. Now, the latest Aftermarket Part has completely transformed it into one of the best SMGs in the game, rivaling the meta HRM-9.

Warzone and MW3 Season 3 has brought plenty of new attachments in the form of Aftermarket Parts, from the JAK Cutthroat Stock to the Shadow Titan Kit. Week 4 introduced the JAK Revenger Kit and it immediately shot straight into the meta.

The new Conversion Kit overhauls the popular BP50, transforming it from an already lethal Assault Rifle into a powerful SMG. It sacrifices some of its range in favor of extra mobility and fire rate, leaving it with a TTK that matches the HRM-9, which has dominated close-range fights all season.

With the JAK Revenger Kit, the BP50’s fire rate increases to 983.6rpm, over 100rpm more than the HRM and more than most SMGs, while still maintaining some of its accuracy. The result is a gun that kills extremely fast, especially at very close range.

After taking it for a spin in-game, I found that it shredded through enemies with ease in close-quarters gunfights. Its mobility also outshined other close-range picks, as I found I could snap onto rival Operators and rotate much quicker than my old SMG builds.

The main drawback is that its effectiveness does drop off once you get to mid-range encounters. However, if you play to its strengths, the BP50 with the JAK Revenger Kit kills just as quickly as any other meta weapon in the game.

Plenty of other CoD experts have been praising the JAK Revenger Kit too. Warzone stats guru TrueGameData called it a “top tier SMG” and recommended running the Komodo Heavy Muzzle to curb some of its bounce, while Metaphor called the Conversion Kit “overpowered” due to its “crazy” fire rate.

So, if you’re looking for an SMG to replace the HRM-9, the BP50 paired with the JAK Revenger Kit looks set to take over the meta. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the attachment catches a nerf in the MW3 and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update, so make the most of it now while it’s at the top of its game.