Warzone’s best AR dominates at every range with laser accuracy

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator firing gun on rebirth island with helicopter in the air

Warzone has an abundance of choices, but there’s one Assault Rifle that stands out among the rest thanks to its laser-like accuracy and rapid TTK.

The Holger 556 is climbing the meta in Season 4 Reloaded, besting its LMG counterpart in the Holger 26 when it comes to TTK and recoil control. It’s perfect for medium and long-range, and can also hold its own if you need it to perform in surprise close-quarters situations.

The major downside to the gun is that the largest magazine you can get for it is 40 Rounds. However, the weapon is so powerful that you’ll have no issues taking out multiple enemies before needing to reload, so it ends up not being a major problem.

This is a testimony not just to its damage range, but also its stability. When using our best Holger 556 loadout, which includes my favorite JAK Glassless Optic, I found myself controlling the recoil with ease, hitting all my shots thanks to the gun’s great firing stability.

Even popular YouTuber WhosImmortal has called it the “most overpowered rifle” in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, sharing his loadout and thoughts on the weapon in his July 9 video.

WhosImmortal said, “this thing is so powerful right now,” mainly due to its great bullet velocity and damage range, which makes its TTK numbers across medium and long ranges incredibly competitive.

“It does it all,” said the YouTuber, so it’s worth creating a loadout for if you want something new to use in Warzone.

Pair this AR with a close-ranged SMG for the best results in battle royale. Something like the HRM-9 is perfect, as it has a rapid TTK at short range, some have even turned it into the iconic OTS 9 from Warzone’s Black Ops Cold War period.

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