Underrated Warzone Rifle has best long-range TTK but there’s a catch

Max Candelarezi
KVD Enforcer Warzone

Following Warzone‘s weapon buffs and nerfs with the Season 4 Reloaded update, long-range weapons have returned to the meta, allowing several rifles to establish themselves as popular options.

Among them, finding the rifles with the best TTK is key to eliminating enemies easily, and while the KVD Enforcer is notably underrated compared to other long-range weapons and categories, it still has a top-tier TTK value of 834 milliseconds up to 40 meters.

However, great power comes with a few catches. Despite this weapon being capable of destroying enemies quickly, its semi-automatic firing mode requires outstanding precision to achieve top effectiveness. Along with this, its 20 Rounds per magazine also counteracts the weapon’s power.

Luckily, the gun’s limitations can be easily offset thanks to its incredible damage, range, and low recoil. Yet, mastering this rifle will still require an adaptation process, especially if you’re used to ARs and SMGs.

In his July 8 video, popular content creator WhosImmortal also highlighted the KVD Enforcer noting that while this Marksman Rifle could be considered a “high-skill weapon” it has the best TTK for semi-auto weapons in Warzone.

However, using the best KVD Enforcer loadout will let you maximize its potential, including its TTK. To kick off, I picked the KAS-7 Integrated Suppressor Barrel and 7.62×54 MMR High Grain Rounds Ammunition combo to increase the damage range and bullet velocity.

Then, the 20 Round Mag is a must which provides the maximum ammo capacity allowing you to take out at least more than one enemy at once. To help you with this, the Corio Eagleseye 2.5x Optic comes in handy offering a clean sight with enough zoom to target opponents from afar.

Lastly, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip will boost with the recoil control and aim idle sway further helping to hit enemies, especially when it comes to long shots.

Be sure to equip this loadout and jump into Plunder to try it out before competing against enemies in other competitive modes. Also, check out the best controller and audio settings to make this process a breeze.

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