Warzone Biometrics Scanner explained: All Rebirth Island locations & rewards

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Makarov activating Biometric Scanner in Warzone Rebirth Island

Warzone Season 3 introduced Biometric Scanners spread across Rebirth Island. If you’re wondering how this Warzone feature works, where to find them, and all the rewards, here’s all you need to know.

Each Warzone season brings new features, and Season 3 introduced the Biometrics Scanner, offering plenty of exclusive in-game benefits and rewards players can grab for free.

If you’re wondering how the Biometrics Scanner works and all the rewards available in Warzone Season 3, here’s all you need to know.

What is Biometrics Scanner in Warzone Rebirth Island?

Warzone Rebirth Island’s Biometrics Scanner is a feature that allows players to create a Keycard which they can trade to get special Buy Station rewards.

Warzone Rebirth Island
Warzone players can use any of the available Biometrics Scanners once per match.

Warzone Rebirth Island Biometrics Scanner rewards

The Biometrics Scanner rewards will vary depending on the Keycard rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, or Orion.

Here’s every Keycard rarity in Warzone Season 3 and all their rewards:

Keycard RarityRewards
Armor Plates
Lethal & Tactical Equipment from your Favorite Loadout
SilverBronze Keycard Content
Perk Package from your Favorite Loadout
GoldSilver Keycard Content
Random Plate Carrier
Random Rare Field Upgrade
PlatinumGold Keycard Content
Random Epic plus Field Upgrade
Random Killstreak
PolyatomicOne 8-attachment weapon
5 Free Items at Buy Station
OrionTwo 8-attachment weapons
10 Free Items at Buy Stations

Biometrics Scanner milestone rewards in Warzone Rebirth Island

The Warzone Rebirth Island Biometric Scanners also grant free milestone rewards apart from the exclusive in-game rewards through Keycards.

Here are all the free milestone rewards you can get by scanning with the Biometric Scanners on different days within Rebirth Island.

Keep in mind that the days aren’t required to be consecutive, so just use them on different real days:

DaysMilestone Reward
3 days“Need A Hand?” Calling Card
7 days1 Hour Double XP Token
12 days1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
17 days“Encrypting” Animated Emblem
21 daysCalling Card
27 days“Welcome To The Mainframe” Weapon Camo

All Biometrics Scanner locations in Warzone Rebirth Island

Warzone’s Rebirth Island has 10 Biometric Scanners scattered around the map, and here are all the locations where you can find one, courtesy of Warzone Tac Map:

Warzone Rebirth Island Biometrics Scanner locations
Biometrics Scanner can grant you better loot if a teammate is near you.

Warzone Rebirth Island: How to get 8-attachment Redacted gun

To get an 8-attachment Redacted gun in Warzone’s Rebirth Island, you’ll need to redeem an Orion or Polyatomic Keycard in a Biometric Scanner. To get these rare Keycards, be sure to interact with the Biometric Scanners while a teammate is near you, as this will grant you a better chance of picking a higher rarity Keycard.

Keep in mind that the 8-attachment Redacted weapons are given randomly and are picked from a pre-established pool of guns, including the RAM-7, KATT-AMR, HRM-9, and more.

That’s everything you need to know about the Biometric Scanner in Warzone’s Rebirth Island. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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