What is Mutation Resurgence & Buy Back in Warzone?

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator with bioshield mutation

New LTMs arrived in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded thanks to a DNA bomb explosion in Urzikstan. Mutation Resurgence and Mutation Buy Back sees players affected by the toxic green sludge scattered around Popov Power.

Here are all the details you need to know about the new modes, including all seven mutations and how they affect gameplay.

Mutation modes explained

Mutation Resurgence and Mutation Buy Back sees players dropping into the vicinity of the newly destroyed Popov Power POI on Urzikstan, featuring the standard rules for Resurgence and Buy Back respectively.

This mode has no Tacticals, Lethals, or Equipment as ground loot. Instead, all these will be replaced by the new Mutations effects which can alter how your Operator’s behavior.

All Mutations

  • Bioshield – Creates a protective bubble that blocks incoming damage but allows you to shoot out from within this sphere.
  • Divebomb – Rocket into the air, then dive towards a target. On impact, any nearby enemies are damaged and pushed back.
  • Mutant Leap – Perform a charged jump that covers vast distances.
  • Toxic Stim Cloud – Deploy a poisonous cloud that inflicts damage to enemies and boosts your squad mates’ speed for a short duration.
  • Sludge Sling – Toss sludge grenades that explode into a toxic gas cloud on impact. The gas slows and damages enemies over time.
  • Mutant Cloak – Turn partially invisible for a short time. You leave green footprints while cloaked.
  • Mutant Vision – See enemies outlined in red through walls for a short duration.

Players can get the Mutations via Loot Caches as syringes. Keep in mind that effects within the same category can’t be stacked. When encountering them, players will know which effect they’re getting, as the name appears in the item.

The mutation theme for Season 4 Reloaded has even spread into MW3 content, so if you’re interested in multiplayer, check out how the new Mutation mode works.