Warzone pro reveals “insane” Urzikstan loot cache landing spot for high-tier loot fast

Max Candelarezi
loot cache in Warzone

Landing in places with high-tier loot can give you a significant advantage at the start of a match. Luckily, a Warzone pro revealed some “insane” landing spots in Urzikstan that will allow you to equip yourself and dominate as many matches as possible.

Warzone Season 1 is currently in full swing with much content to dive into. However, one noteworthy addition is the introduction of the big Urzikstan map, providing players with a new battle royale battleground.

Given the extensive size of Urzikstan and the sweeping distribution of loot across it, swiftly locating high-tier loot becomes essential for gaining a significant advantage at the beginning of matches.

Luckily, Warzone pro player WarsZ shared some “insane” landing spots in an X post, helping players to gear up efficiently, taking advantage of the loot caches within Warzone Urzikstan to enhance their chances of lasting longer in the game.

In the video, the creator shows three different loot cache locations above the Zaravan Suburbs POI. Loot caches, unlike the common boxes that are distributed throughout the map, have a ton of high-tier loot that will allow you to equip yourself, granting you a greater advantage over your enemies.

These Warzone caches can deliver you high-value weapons, gas masks, tons of money, Vests, and more. Additionally, they can also spawn Loadout Drops, allowing you to quickly access your favorite weapons, Perks, and Equipment.

To kick off, the first one WarsZ shows is located in front of the small island between the lower part of Old Town and the upper part of Zaravan Suburbs. Once you land, head to the little house, and inside the water below the dock, you’ll find the loot cache.

Then, in the clear area a few meters behind the house, you can find another loot cache, which will be right next to a car. Lastly, diagonally to the Buy Station located below, you will find the last loot cache right next to the tree. However, these will leave you quite exposed, so be sure to check nobody is dropping in with you.

Keep in mind that while you can choose to land in some of these areas, you can also do the full rotation in all of them to ensure you are well-equipped to face any enemy you encounter.

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