Buffed Warzone Assault Rifle with no recoil deletes enemies at long-range

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone player in mask reloading weapon

Hitting your shots is essential in Warzone, and so that’s why loadouts with easy-to-control recoil are so powerful. In fact, a buffed Warzone Season 4 AR has zero recoil so long as you choose the right attachments, making it a beast for long-range.

Warzone Season 4 brought some buffs and nerfs to the battle royale, shifting the meta and throwing new weapons into the mix. The new Superi 46 SMG is now a popular choice for close range, but what about long range?

That’s where the iconic MCW comes in, which is reminiscent of the MW2 ACR. This gun has extremely low recoil, and since having its minimum damage buffed in Season 4, it’s climbing to the top to become the best fully automatic long-range primary.

As it’s so easy to control, you can beam enemies from far away and even compete with other powerful long-range options such as the Holger 26 and SOA Subverter. This makes it a perfect choice for those who’d rather use a fully automatic weapon as opposed to a Sniper or Marksman Rifle like the Kar98k.

To boost the recoil control and turn the MCW into a laser beam, you’ll want to use our best Warzone MCW loadout, which is packed with attachments such as the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider, 16.5″ MCW Cyclone Long Barrel, and Bruen Heavy Support Grip, which all improve recoil control and accuracy of the AR.

With this loadout, I found it so easy to lock onto enemies from range and get easy headshots just by pulling down the recoil slightly.

Popular Warzone YouTuber Metaphor also highlighted the buffed MCW in their June 3 YouTube video, in which he described the weapon as having “zero recoil.”

Metaphor recommends using a more close-range weapon such as the new Superi 46 or the Striker to pair with the long-range MCW loadout.

In the YouTube video, there are countless occasions in which Metaphor manages to best his opponents from range with the MCW, so it’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re looking for something to replace the nerfed DG 58 LSW.

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