Does Warzone Mobile have Proximity Chat?

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Mobile Verdansk

Find out if Warzone Mobile has Proximity Chat, a unique feature from Warzone that offers players another way to communicate in-game.

Warzone Mobile has brought over several key features from the original Warzone battle royale, but what about the Proximity Chat voice feature?

If you’re looking to chat with your enemies, here’s whether Warzone Mobile has the Proximity Chat feature.


Is there Proximity Chat in Warzone Mobile?

Yes, Warzone Mobile has the Proximity Chat feature that allows players in the same lobby to communicate.

When highlighting Warzone Mobile’s social features, the devs explained that players can “listen in on nearby enemy comms using Proximity Chat and hear their last words via Death Chat after landing the elimination.”

How to turn off Proximity Chat in Warzone Mobile

If you prefer to turn off Proximity Chat in Warzone Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Warzone Mobile app
  2. Select the Settings menu from the top right corner
  3. Select Social from the drop-down menu
  4. Go to the Voice tab
  5. Scroll down to Proximity Chat and select OFF
Proximity Chat settings Warzone Mobile
Warzone Mobile’s Proximity Chat allows players to communicate in real-time during a match.

Keep in mind that Proximity Chat in Warzone Mobile is enabled by default. You must manually turn the feature off through WZM’s Social settings.

Warzone Mobile Proximity Chat explained

Proximity Chat is a Warzone Mobile feature that lets you voice chat with enemy players within your vicinity. Warzone Mobile Proximity Chat uses the in-game communication system to allow all nearby players to hear each other via voice chat.

There are several ways to implement Proximity Chat in Warzone Mobile gameplay including trash-talking and psyching out your opponents, cooperating with them, or perhaps negotiating with them.

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