Warzone Mobile Daily Login rewards: Soap skin, weapon Blueprints, more

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Warzone Mobile Soap Heatwave Operator skin

Warzone Mobile offers players who enter the game everyday rewards through the Daily Reward Calendar. Here’s every reward you can get in WZM via the Daily Reward Calendar.

If you are an active Warzone Mobile player, you can redeem a wide variety of in-game rewards for free simply by entering the game every day thanks to the Daily Reward Calendar feature.

Wondering which are all the rewards you can get? Here’s all you need to know about WZM’s Daily Reward Calendar.

Every Warzone Mobile Daily Login Calendar reward

  • Day 1: “Breathe Easy” Large Decal
  • Day 2: Double XP Token
  • Day 3: “Molten Cinder” Melee Weapon Blueprint
  • Day 4: “Critical Shots” Sticker
  • Day 5: Double XP Token
  • Day 6: “Clear!” Calling Card
  • Day 7: “Heatwave” Soap Operator Skin
  • Day 8: Double Weapon XP Token
  • Day 9: “Sharpened Speed” Vehicle Skin
  • Day 10: Double Weapon XP Token
  • Day 11: “Locked On” Emblem
  • Day 12: Hearty Breakfast Charm
  • Day 13: Double Battle Pass XP Token
  • Day 14: “Hot Dropper” SMG Weapon Blueprint

Simply by logging into Warzone Mobile each day, you can earn 14 different rewards – one per day.

Warzone Mobile daily login calendar manu
Mobile players need to enter Warzone Mobile every day to claim the rewards.

Warzone Mobile Daily Login Calendar explained

The Daily Login Calendar is the daily reward system for Warzone Mobile which offers players up to 14 different rewards by entering the game on 14 separate days. Different from other daily login systems, players aren’t required to enter the game on consecutive days.

By doing this, they can earn all the free cosmetic content exclusively in WZM to use in multiplayer, battle royale, and Resurgence.

That’s everything you need to know about Warzone Mobile’s Daily Login Calendar, including every reward available. For more on WZM, be sure to check out our other guides:

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