Warzone DMZ mode to receive support after MW3 launch but there’s a catch

Nathan Warby
Warzonme Operator holding rifle in DMZ

The DMZ mode in Warzone has earned a dedicated community over the last year, and the devs have confirmed that the mode will continue to receive support even after Modern Warfare 3 arrives.

Modern Warfare 3 finally launches on November 10, kicking off a new era for Call of Duty. The sequel to 2022’s MW2 is bringing the new After-Market Parts Gunsmith feature, as well as the popular Zombies mode in a first for the Modern Warfare series.

It’s also set to mark a new chapter for Warzone, which will receive a brand-new map and plenty of fresh weapons. But with so many new modes and features on the way, fans have been wondering what will happen to the popular DMZ mode that arrived with MW2.

Now, the devs have officially confirmed that DMZ won’t disappear once Modern Warfare 3 launches and will still receive ongoing support.

In an October 2 post on X (formerly Twitter), they said: “Although DMZ won’t be showcased at #CODNext this week, we’re excited to share that we will continue to support the DMZ Beta. Players will have continuing infiltration opportunities for Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel — as well as Building 21 and Koschei Complex.”

Based on this post, it seems that DMZ will remain online for the foreseeable future. However, the mode will be limited to the maps that were released during the MW2 era of Warzone and won’t make the jump over to the new battle royale map.

It also wasn’t clear if the devs planned to release any major updates or new content for DMZ. However, they did go on to mention that they will “share further updates closer to Season 01.”

Plenty of fans responded to the post, keeping their fingers crossed that DMZ will continue to grow. “Happy that it’s here to stay, hopefully those updates include new missions and features even if they’re not on the new map. Looking forward to the next update,” said one fan.

Only time will tell what the devs have planned for DMZ once Modern Warfare 3 launches. In the meantime, check out the DMZ patch notes from Season 6 and all of the key locations.