CoD players claim MW2 & Warzone are being abandoned for DMZ

Nathan Warby
DMZ players in vehicles

Modern Warfare 2 players are growing increasingly frustrated with the state of the game, claiming that Activision are neglecting multiplayer in favor of Warzone 2 and, in particular, DMZ mode.

DMZ mode has been a success for the most part since arriving alongside Warzone 2 back in November 2022. Despite a few early teething problems, the Tarkov-inspired extraction mode has managed to grow a dedicated player base.

As the devs continue to experiment with DMZ, it’s received a ton of new content with each major update, from the introduction of Barter recipes to the new Koschei Complex location.

However, it seems that Modern Warfare 2 players are growing envious of the attention that Warzone 2 DMZ is being given, arguing that multiplayer is being neglected by Activision.

Reddit user ‘antmaster208’ posted a meme to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, comparing the way that handles each section of the CoD series to a parent looking after children in a swimming pool.

In the image, the parent, marked as Activision, focused all of its attention on DMZ while Warzone 2 and “co-op” struggled on their own. Meanwhile, Modern Warfare 2 was left abandoned at the bottom of the pool, accompanied by the sarcastic caption: “The next generation of Call of Duty.”

While the meme was clearly intended as a joke, plenty of other players agreed DMZ has become the go-to mode in Call of Duty these days.

“DMZ is the only mode that I can consistently have fun in,” said one reply, while another agreed: “Admittedly, I came for the Multiplayer, then I stayed for DMZ. Loving it.”

While DMZ seems to only be growing in popularity thanks to the regular updates, Modern Warfare 2 players argued that multiplayer now feels “outdated” and “gets old” quickly due to the lack of new content.

Some even compared the treatment of Modern Warfare 2 to past Zombies modes, with one reply arguing: “MP gets to know what zombies players felt like for the last few years.”

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 is set to bring a ton of new content to each game, including a DMZ reset. Only time will tell if the community feels the same once the update goes live.

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