Underrated Warzone Rifle rockets up long-range meta after massive range buff

Max Candelarezi
Warzone MTZ-762

After Warzone‘s long-range meta was dominated by the Kar98k following its release in Season 4, the mid-season update brought a ton of changes to the best weapons in the game.

Among the balance changes, the MTZ-762 received a substantial range buff, with its max damage range increased to 25.4 meters (from 19.05) and near-mid damage range increased to 48.26 meters (from 40.64).

This transformed the underrated Battle Rifle into a long-range meta pick when combined with its outstanding damage and low recoil.

In a June 27 video, popular content creator Swagg highlighted the weapon, stating it has “no vertical recoil.” However, he claims it could be even better if it had a 40 Round Mag, which most Assault Rifles usually have. Still, the gun delivers a ton of damage which compensates for this.

To take advantage of its damage range buff, you will need the best attachments available. Start with the MTZ-Precision Blackthorn Barrel and VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor Muzzle to boost the bullet velocity and range, along with improving the gun’s recoil control.

Then, the Bruen Pivot Vertical Grip Underbarrel will further improve the recoil and gun kick control. The 30 Round Mag and JAK Glassless Optic combo will grant you enough bullets to take down several enemies across Urzikstan or Rebirth Island, alongside a clean sight to pick them off.

While this gun isn’t the top choice for long-range engagements, it excels at taking down enemies due to its low recoil. What I like most about this gun is its AR-like feel, making it incredibly easy to use. Additionally, its high damage output makes it even more lethal compared to other weapon categories.

To maximize its potential, be sure to use the best controller, FOV, and audio settings, allowing you to easily detect enemies no matter which map you choose to play on.