MW3 players slam balancing as Kar98k leaves “useless” Marksman Rifles in the dust

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator on a tablet with explosion in the background

MW3 players have highlighted the stark difference in effective damage range between MW2 Marksman Rifles in comparison to the new Kar98k, blaming weapon balancing for the massive gap.

MW3’s Kar98k is currently the most popular weapon in the game following its return in Season 4. As well as providing some nostalgia, it’s also a very powerful one-shot option in both MW3 and Warzone, leaving other Marksman Rifles in the dust.

The Kar98k’s speed and one-shot capabilities make it the perfect choice for anyone who trusts their aim and enjoys quickscoping. In fact, some players are highlighting the dominance of the Kar98k in MW3, unhappy with how old, once-meta MW2 Marksman Rifles have been treated.

The MW2 SPR-208 and SA-B 50 were once meta Marksman Rifles in multiplayer, but they have been ignored since MW3’s release. A Reddit post by ‘FlowKom’ pointed out the massive difference in effective damage range when comparing the Kar98k’s effective damage range to the MW2 Marksman Rifles.

The Kar98k’s effective damage range sits at 50.8 meters, while the SP-R 208’s is a measly 13 meters. Players believe this makes the SP-R 208 “useless,” as many blamed the dev’s weapon balancing philosophy.

MW3 Warzone Kar98k Season 4 Paris map
The Kar98k is stealing all the limelight in the Marksman Rifle category.

“New gun = good……old gun = bad…thats [the dev’s] entire philosophy for balance,” said the Reddit user, claiming that there’s “no reason for the SPR and SA-B to be utterly useless Marksman rifles, while the KAR98k is the new best sniper in the entire game.”

Others agree too, as one comment read, “Having a 13m effective range for a Designated Marksman Rifle is wild,” while another said, “they didn’t have to make the old ones that bad.”

Some claim it’s done to “incentivize sales,” as another posted three money bag emojis to get their opinion across: “It’s all for the money.”

With Black Ops 6 on the horizon, and the news surrounding its listing as a DLC for Call of Duty HQ, it begs the question of whether weapons will transfer over, and if the MW3 guns will meet a similar fate.

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