Best Battle Rifles in Modern Warfare 3: Every MW3 BR ranked

combat in modern warfare 3 mapActivision

Modern Warfare 3 features plenty of Battle Rifles that can beam enemy squads from long-range positions. If you wish to dominate the long-range combat in your MW3 matches, here are the best Battle Rifles, ranked from best to worst.

Modern Warfare 3 is in full swing, much to the excitement of Call of Duty fans worldwide, and many are gearing up for Season 1’s kickoff. The latest title in the MW franchise not only marks a return for some beloved features like slide canceling but will also introduce the popular Gunfight mode with the start of the first season.

While there are over a hundred weapons to choose from in Modern Warfare 3, Battle Rifles remain perfect for laying waste to opponents at medium to long ranges. They can be a great alternative to the ever-popular Assault Rifles and pack higher damage across ranges, albeit with a slightly lower mag capacity.

So, if you’re looking to run Battle Rifles during your matches in MW3, here are the best ones to equip.

Best Modern Warfare 3 Battle Rifles ranked list

Modern Warfare 3 features eight Battle Rifles, three of which are new additions, and the remaining five have made their way into the game from MW2. We’ve ranked every Battle Rifle in MW3 from best to worst below:

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  1. BAS-B
  2. MTZ-762
  3. FTAC Recon
  4. TAQ-V
  5. Lachmann-762
  6. Cronen Squall
  7. SO-14
  8. Sidewinder

Best Modern Warfare 3 Battle Rifles

5. Lachmann-762

The Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 3Activision
The Lachmann-762 has a rough recoil in MW3.

The Lachmann-762 is a Battle Rifle that was brought into Modern Warfare 3 with the MW2’s Carry Forward feature. You can toggle between the full and semi-automatic modes in this BR, although the full-auto mode leads to inaccuracy, especially while shooting at longer ranges.

Using the proper attachments for the Lachmann-762 you can increase its accuracy, however, it pales in comparison to some of the BRs in our top spots when it comes to the weapon’s TTK and mobility.

4. TAQ-V

TAQ-V BR in Modern Warfare 3Activision
TAQ-V comes with an easy-to-control recoil.

The TAQ-V makes its way into MW3 from the previous year’s title and can be quite challenging to unlock. Like most BRs, the TAQ-V dominates at medium to long-range gunfights, sharing similarities with the TAQ-56 Assault Rifle.

When equipped with its best loadout, the TAQ-V’s recoil and ADS speed can be brought under control significantly, allowing you to down your far-off enemies with precision.

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3. FTAC Recon

FTAC Recon in MW3Activision
FTAC Recon’s damage range can be improved with the right attachments.

The FTAC Recon is a powerful BR in MW3 that is capable of dealing lethal damage in medium ranges. Despite being a Battle Rifle, the FTAC Recon provides decent mobility but has a smaller mag capacity, not ideal for prolonged gunfights.

Additionally, it’s quite easy to unlock this gun, requiring you to unlock the M4 at Level 4 and then level it up to Level 13. This means you can carry the FTAC Recon into your multiplayer matches after just a few hours of playing the game.

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2. MTZ-762

mtz-762 battle rifle in modern warfare 3Activision
The MTZ-762 is a viable pick for long-range combat.

The MTZ-762 is a fresh fully automatic Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 3 which can dish out heavy damage across medium to long ranges, thanks to its hard-hitting 7.62 rounds.

If you run the MTZ-762 with the right attachments, you’ll be able to boost its ADS and sprint speeds, while bringing down its recoil control to a manageable level. However, you should note in order to unlock the MTZ-762, you’ll have to reach Level 25 and then complete the Armory Unlock Challenges.

1. BAS-B – Best Battle Rifle in MW3

BAS-B Battle Rifle in MW3Activision
BAS-B is emerging as a better option than most Assault Rifles in MW3.

The BAS-B is undoubtedly the best Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 3, allowing you to output incredible damage during long-range combat. This is largely due to the BR having a low kick when equipped with the meta attachments along with high mobility, similar to that of an Assault Rifle.

Consequently, you can shoot with great accuracy across the map which brings BAS-B’s time to kill close to the best weapons in MW3. Further, to unlock the BAS-B in MW3, you simply need to reach Level 17 which can be a quick process if you know which modes give the most XP.

So there you have it! Those are the best Battle RIfles in Modern Warfare 3. With the devs regularly introducing plenty of balance changes, the meta will evolve with time but we’ll make sure to update this list as we progress further into the game.

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