Treyarch says they’ve got improvements planned to picking up items in Blackout

Keshav Bhat

One of the first complaints coming out of the Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta on PlayStation 4 is the difficulty of equipping/picking up items in the match. Players have to really look at the item and be very close to it, then press and hold square in order to equip each item which sometimes takes away from the match’s momentum or can cause you to get caught off guard by an enemy.

Vahn has stated on Twitter, first off, that they don’t want to mess with or change the classic “Call of Duty button” schematic to reload, change weapons, etc. Those are a priority over picking up items.

Vahn followed up by stating that PC players will be able to easily equip with button re-mapping, and they want to match the experience across platforms. Vahn also stated that they don’t want players stuck in a fight and then press square to reload, but it picks up a weapon instead. There has to be a distinction.

Lastly, Vahn has confirmed that the final Blackout game, at launch, has improvements to the picking up system to allow you to not have to look directly at items to pick them up – rather being close to the item will allow you to press square to pick up the item.

Stay tuned for the latest Blackout news.

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