The Attack on “Lockup” Was a Setup – Black Ops 4’s Hidden Multiplayer Story

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Who was really behind the attack on the Los Angeles Police Station?

With no traditional Campaign mode in this years Call of Duty, Black Ops 4 had to be a little more creative with how they told their story. Since launch, we have seen hints of a larger story sprinkled throughout the Multiplayer maps as little easter eggs.

When the latest Multiplayer maps, Lockup and Casino, dropped for Black Ops pass owners on February 19, it was clear this story was growing in scope. Thanks to Youtuber, “Inkslasher“, we now have alot more to dig our teeth into.

Looking at the map Lockup we can see a pretty intriguing story connecting several maps together. At a surface level, this map is about a group of mercenaries attacking a Los Angeles Police Department trying to destroy evidence and silence witnesses.

But when looking deeper into what the Police here are investigating, a board can be found with red strings tying several key points together. It’s clear from this that they are looking into Black Ops 2 antagonist, Raul Menendez. Images of the crime syndicate that owns the property in the Multiplayer map, Hacienda can be seen pinned up. The board here also has newspaper clippings about events that occurred on Gridlock in Japan.

Another key piece of info in this investigation room is the mention of the Mercenaries who attacked the station known as Patriots of the North which are featured heavily on Militia.

Other hints around the map point to Diaysler, the company that manufactures the scorestreaks used in the game. We know this from the map Arsenal in which they are featured heavily. Since Diaysler both owns the police department and supplies weaponry to the Patriots of the North, it’s clear there is something sketchy afoot.

Make sure to check out Inkslasher’s full video below where he shows more proof and more evidence of all these’s maps interconnecting.