Slept-on Warzone pistol has “brilliant TTK” with SMG attachment

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone cor-45 pistol with conversion kit

Warzone has many great SMG options, but one player claims a pistol is being slept on, as it has a “brilliant TTK” thanks to its Conversion Kit.

Warzone is home to many close-range options, with Shotguns taking the limelight thanks to the Lockwood 300‘s dominance.

That said, SMGs are also very popular, with options like the Fennec 45 and Striker being strong choices. With the removal of the TYR‘s Snakeshot ammunition, Handguns are out of the loop.

However, Reddit user and Warzone player ‘spideyjiri’ believes players are sleeping on the COR-45, as when paired with its Conversion Kit attachment, the weapon turns into a close-range SMG with a “brilliant TTK.”

The XRX IP-V2 Conversion Kit for the COR-45 Handgun in Warzone turns the weapon into a fast-firing SMG with increased bullet velocity and range.

It’s this attachment that makes the weapon’s TTK so “great,” leaving the OP “surprised that no one’s using this gun,” as they shared a video of them destroying enemies with it from close range.

It does have a distinct difference compared to other Warzone SMGs, however, as the COR-45 with the XRX IP-V2 Conversion Kit gives it a binary trigger, which means it’s not full-auto, but rather the weapon shoots when you pull the trigger, and again when you let go.

This can be slightly off-putting at first, as one comment said it “takes some getting used to,” but once you become accustomed to it, you can spam the trigger and get a very fast fire rate, similar to other competitive SMGs at close range.

As recommended by the OP, the “first stock makes the recoil go away,” so this makes spamming the fire rate much easier to control and take enemies down with: “It’s nasty once you get over the binary trigger thing.”

While it’s not currently considered meta, players are starting to notice the weapon more, and as one user pointed out in the comments, its “popularity may rise now,” so definitely give it a go if you’re looking for something different to use in Warzone.

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