Poll: Which Modern Warfare Remastered map is your favorite?

Tommi Turunen

Modern Warfare Remastered includes 23 maps, 21 from the original and 2 new versions. Which is your favorite?

Modern Warfare Remastered is now free for PS Plus owners and it’s sort of brought the feeling of a new game with it. Thousands of new players flood the halls of the game and are currently grinding for that sweet Prestige.

The game is much, much slower than modern Call of Duty games, but still holds a special place in the hearts of many players. It’s where it all began. The Class systems, Perks, attachments, etc.

And a key feature in every Call of Duty is the maps, of course. The game comes with 17 maps as part of the base game. 4 more released with the Variety Map Pack that can be bought for 15 dollars (reasonable, especially now that the game is free on PlayStation). And an additional 2 were added by Raven Software for the remaster.

So, here’s today’s poll question. What’s your favorite Modern Warfare Remastered map? Crash? District? Strike? Wet Work? We won’t judge…too much. You can vote for your choice in the ranked list below. We’ll publish the final results at a later date.